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Last year’s summary in interesting divorce tidbits

On Behalf of | Jan 9, 2013 | Divorce

As we amped up for the holiday season, we talked a lot about how to cope with such merriment when you’re still dealing with a painful split. Now that we’re in 2013, is it possible we’re another year wiser? A compilation of a few studies reported on last year has made the news for having found some interesting results when it comes to divorces across the globe.

With our nation’s divorce rate up as high as it is, it can be easy to become pessimistic about a surviving relationship, but what if it isn’t all our fault? One interesting study recently showed that the struggle to maintain a close relationship with someone might be in your DNA – that is, if you’re a woman. The study comes from Sweden and is based on a particular gene that may have a correlation to the commitments women are able to make. Those who had the gene in this study were reported to be less inclined to marry and, of those who did commit, their chances of remaining in their relationship were worsened by 50 percent.

Another interesting finding from a 2012 study followed 22,000 men and women to compare their likelihood of getting a divorce if they had or hadn’t lived together prior to marriage. One specific was that the couples who had lived together had been engaged when they lived so, prior to marriage. However, those couples who were living together but not engaged were more likely to end up getting a divorce than either other kind of couple.

As interesting as these statistics can be, they may have no application to your marriage at all. While there are things to learn about what can help a couple and can harm one, it sometimes just doesn’t work out. Colorado couples who are looking into divorce may wish to consult legal representation in order to ensure that they know exactly what they are looking at going forward and how best to secure themselves in a divorce proceeding.

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