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Coloradans getting married again: how to start afresh?

On Behalf of | Jan 7, 2013 | Family Law

Being divorced can be nearly impossible to know how to navigate. Meryl Streep’s character says it well in It’s Complicated with her line, “Here’s the good news. In two more years you’ll actually begin to feel normal again.” Coloradans who have gone through the divorce process know how it can affect a family in many more ways than just the immediate impact. For some, the family dynamic can be a struggle to attain once again, especially if there is the potential of another marriage in the future.

There are some ways to make a possible future relationship easier when you’re going through a divorce. One of which is working out a clear and thoughtful custody agreement and child support arrangement with you previous spouse. Even if the relationship between your children and your new significant other may be great, your ex could still have stipulations, and being proactive when you get a divorce could help streamline some potential problems in the future.

Also, having a complete understanding of all assets that may be shared between both you and your previous spouse as well as you and your new spouse is a good way to keep things untangled. Going into a new marriage can definitely add some tangles, but they can be much more manageable when there are clearly defined parameters of a relationship.

It can be extremely confusing to go through one marriage and then begin another, but there are some things that can be put in place to allow for moving forward. One of the best things to do could be to work with a Colorado family law attorney to help with custody, support and prenuptial arrangements. As you begin your life with your new spouse, working together and having good communication among all parties can alleviate some of the difficulty.

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