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Dennis Quaid and wife seeking different custody of twins

On Behalf of | Dec 3, 2012 | Child Custody & Parenting Time

The issue of child custody can encompass many other issues than just the location and guardianship of children. When two Colorado parents – and sometimes more than two – discuss where their children’s best interests will be served and where it is best for them to live, emotions can easily run high. Parenting style, schools, friends and family in the area, and living arrangements are many factors that get looked at, but what can become of the children’s custody agreement when the parents don’t necessarily seek the same arrangement?

Actor Dennis Quaid and wife have gone through several months of attempting to repair their marriage and have wound up deciding to file for divorce after a trial separation. After his wife filed for separation in October, Quaid has now done the same for a divorce, and reportedly requested that the both of them share the same responsibilities of physical and legal custody in regards to their 5-year-old twins. Mrs. Quaid has also reportedly sought the combined legal custody, however, would seek that she be their primary physical guardian.

When two parents disagree on their children’s custody arrangement, mediation may be something to turn to. Working with someone who has experience in the legal realm with child custody issues can help the parents to understand fully what options are available to them. Working out a decision as amicably as possible is often the goal; however, in some cases it is necessary to seek outside counsel in order to help achieve an appropriate arrangement.

For Colorado parents who are divorcing or who would like to discuss the terms of their custody agreements, making sure you’re prepared for the discussion may help. Collecting important and relevant documents as well as organizing the aspects of your life that may help you in your push for a certain type of custody could be some good first steps. While the children are younger in the case of the Quaids, it is also important to keep in mind how your older children may be affected by this shift. Remembering to focus on how they will cope with the split household can also aid you in your decision-making process.

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