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Coloradans: Two households equaling differing parenting styles?

On Behalf of | Dec 17, 2012 | Child Custody & Parenting Time

It is so often that when emotions are high and conflict comes to a boil the real issues come out, isn’t it? We see it in movies and TV all the time – Grey’s Anatomy has practically coined the dramatic monologue. How, in real life situations, do we get to the root of the issue without having a scripted and perfectly worded explanation for our actions and wishes? Colorado residents may have experienced the frustrating realization that getting through your issues isn’t always as easy as it is portrayed on screen, especially when it comes to child custody issues.

Trying to get through to your ex that you want what’s best for your child when you don’t agree can be so discouraging. Sometimes, it’s easier to be the one who listens and show that as an example for the other parent to follow. In particular, the issue of the kinds of principles your child will be raised with can be a large point of contention. One well-known couple who recently divorced has been in the news a lot this year due to the parents’ differing religious affiliations.

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes ended their marriage this year and Suri, their six-year-old daughter, is now perhaps one of the most talked about children in our nation. Cruise’s declaration of Scientology has been discussed recently regarding his custody and parenting time with Suri. Whether or not Scientology will be a part of his daughter’s life, it raises an important issue for divorcing parents to discuss. The different ways each parent will raise their child becomes a much bigger issue when they are each doing so without the other present.

For Colorado parents trying to find a custody arrangement that they can agree on, knowing all of the different issues to talk about may help make things clearer. Working with a professional divorce attorney could be one way to help the proceedings and discussion about custody and parenting time get resolved more quickly. Remembering that communication about intentions and expectations of how the different households will affect the children is one way to smooth out some difficult topics.

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