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Violence Against Women Act to be re-authorized

On Behalf of | Oct 1, 2012 | Domestic Violence |

Domestic violence is a very serious issue and can be incredibly complex at times. Colorado residents will want to follow the proceedings on this issue as this year Congress will look over the Violence Against Women Act and discuss the opportunities for re-authorization of it. The domestic violence act up for discussion has had some alterations to it, of which not everyone is in favor. Several new additions to the act were written by Democrats, and this new version and all that it entails is causing the Republican party to pause before agreeing on what has been in the past a rather bipartisan concern.

The three additions include opening up the capacity for prosecution of such crimes to Indian tribal communities; immigrant victims without documents shall not fear being deported should they seek help; and gay and lesbian victims are not to be discriminated against in shelters or recovery programs for domestic violence. It is reported that the Violence Against Women Act is and has been supported by both parties and it is seemingly just these three changes that are causing some clashes. The idea being, this act is in effort to aid victims of domestic violence, and that the amendments to it are regarding other political issues and deserve their own focused discussion, not tacked on to this one.

Regardless of who wrote the newest version or who is opposed to it, finding out what happens to it could help someone move forward after a struggle with domestic violence. Denver and Colorado citizens may want to check in on how Congress decides on this act, especially if it will directly affect someone in particular.

If you know someone who has been a victim, or should ever find yourself a victim of domestic violence, knowing your rights and the laws surrounding this issue could help with the healing process and maybe even to change your situation. Looking into a legal solution, such as restraining orders or talking with an attorney, could help you to find the appropriate means to move on.

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