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Rosario Dawson defends Rihanna’s relationship with Chris Brown

On Behalf of | Oct 4, 2012 | Domestic Violence

October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month and many people are speaking out in outrage at Rihanna’s recent interactions with her well-known celebrity ex-boyfriend, Chris Brown. Coloradoans may remember the 2009 incident or the now infamous pictures of Rihanna’s bruised and bloody face. After Brown was convicted of violently assaulting her and sentenced to probation and public service hours, fans of Rihanna’s defended her and it is clear today that they haven’t forgotten the incident.

Over the last several months Rihanna has made a few comments about her affections and wishes for Brown, and even been seen with him in public a several times. A recent photograph was taken of both coming out of the same hotel, at separate times, albeit, but some who were once completely in support of Rihanna now seem to be coming out against her. Actor Rosario Dawson has made a point to speak up in defense of the domestic violence victim, urging fans to do the same and declaring that compassion and support is needed most right now, not criticism.

Dawson reportedly doesn’t believe that the judgment of the battered singer will help Rihanna or any other victim of domestic violence right now. Dawson is speaking as a figure in favor of defending victims throughout this month and working for the cause, and makes sure to be clear about the realities of the problem. It is reported that some 145 women are victims of such abuse every hour in the United States, and that three women die per day from the violence.

Whether you’re a resident of Colorado or elsewhere, knowing your rights as a victim of domestic violence could help you take the next steps toward securing your safety. While Rihanna and Brown work out their relationship, it is important to remember restraining orders and shelters are options in domestic violence cases. If you are interested in discussing your situation and how to proceed with an experienced attorney, it could help you to prepare to move forward from such an environment.

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