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Ashton and Demi: disagreeing on their dissolution

On Behalf of | Oct 24, 2012 | Firm News

It is well-known that some divorces take longer than others. One celebrity couple that has been trying to settle their divorce for a year is now being thought to be rather at odds with one another over their divorce settlement still. Actors Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore have been working on an official dissolution for some time now, and have been separated from one another for a year. The actors have been married since 2005 and have suffered their share of tabloid rumors and reportedly are continuing to have difficulty moving on.

One alleged reason cited for the holdup is the amount of money to be divided. Kutcher reportedly made much more money in the last few years of their marriage and the extra money seems to be causing some more discussion, reportedly unwanted by Kutcher. It can be difficult to work out a settlement both parties are comfortable with when one spouse feels they are as if they are losing money they earned. Kutcher is now reportedly making more money than any other actor on television, due to his show “Two and a half Men.”

For couples with prenuptials, settlement processes can be made somewhat easier, but for those who do not have such a contract, working with an experienced attorney can help them come to a conclusion about their individual assets. One option could be to talk about a postnuptial agreement, which could include reflecting on each party’s finances and budgets in order to find a financial solution.

While it can sometimes seem like it will never end, Colorado couples going through the divorce process do have some options available to them. Working with a lawyer who can help you and your ex focus your attention to what you could agree on can help get things moving. Even though you may not have the pressure of the media on you like Kutcher and Moore, divorces can be just as difficult, and having an outside mediator to help you with yours could make it easier on you.

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