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Evangelista, ex settle expensive child support dispute

On Behalf of | May 8, 2012 | Child Support

Last August, we told you about supermodel Linda Evangelista’s child support dispute with her ex, billionaire Francois-Henri Pinault. She was reportedly seeking $46,000 per month in child support.

As they’ve been continuing the dispute in court, it appears they’ve reached a settlement agreement. The details of the child support settlement were not disclosed, but the parties reportedly spent the entire weekend working out the details, finishing it off on Monday morning.

Evangelista had been seeking hefty monthly payments for armed bodyguards and a live-in nanny for the couple’s 5-year-old son. He was born after the couple’s four-month relationship. They apparently didn’t see each other much while they were together.

While Evangelista can still collect quite an income from her supermodel work, she says that she now needs help with her son’s expenses. She used to have an income of $1.8 million per year, but that was apparently reduced after a high-profile contract with L’Oreal ended. Pinault’s attorney had previously called her request for such high expenses “ridiculous.”

Pinault, who is now married to actress Salma Hayek, makes approximately $4 million per year. He is the CEO of a company that owns successful fashion lines, including Gucci and Yves St. Laurent.

According to Yahoo, both parties testified at the trial. Evangelista had been set to continue testifying earlier this week, but that won’t be necessary now that a settlement has been reached. Pinault’s attorney noted that everyone involved is happy that they can put the dispute behind them.

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