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Domestic violence can happen to any type of person

On Behalf of | Jan 30, 2012 | Domestic Violence

Those who think that domestic violence only affects people of a certain socioeconomic class are quite mistaken. In fact, such violence often occurs in families of the affluent in Colorado and all over the country, but many never know it.

An interesting article details the experience of a woman who was married for 43 years. She had two children and lived in a large, upscale home. But, she says, after her husband nearly killed her she couldn’t hide the domestic violence anymore.

The woman says she would “go out with a smile” on her face so others wouldn’t suspect what was happening. But at one point, her husband apparently beat her and then put her in the garage with two running cars. She fought to survive and a family member ultimately dialed 911.

According to News4Jax, a psychologist says, “People want to think… it only happens in the inner city” when in fact domestic violence doesn’t discriminate. Abusers who are in high-powered jobs are often charming. But they are also controlling, self-absorbed and tend to feel entitled. They can also be extremely kind after an incident and can manipulate others.

The abused, meanwhile, are often “type A” women who hope to “fix” things rather than automatically jumping ship from an abusive relationship. Abusers can use shame and intimidation to control their victims. Unfortunately, it can be part of a vicious cycle.

But domestic violence can happen to any type of person. It happens to up to 6 million women and men every year.

Source: News4Jax, “Domestic violence doesn’t discriminate,” Jan. 17, 2012