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What if a woman’s ex won’t pay child support?

On Behalf of | Dec 15, 2011 | Child Support

The U.S. Census Bureau released some noteworthy statistics recently. A report indicates that approximately 50 percent of parents who are owed child support do not get the full amount. About a quarter of them receive none of the money they are owed at all. A lot of those who are owed child support payments are women.

An interesting Forbes article asks: what can a woman in that situation do? Is there recourse for a woman whose husband won’t pay child support? The article offers a few tips.

An experienced family law attorney can be of assistance. In addition, each state has an Office of Child Support Enforcement, and this office can do a number of things to attempt to enforce payments. Here are a few of them.

• Place a lien on vehicles or real estate.

• Garnish wages. In theory, the state can remove money directly from a person’s paycheck.

• Suspend licenses and passports. Many kinds of licenses can be suspended, including a driver’s license, recreational licenses and professional licenses.

• Intercept funds. The state can’t intercept everything, but certain funds can be secured, including the non-payer’s workers’ compensation payments, tax refunds and unemployment insurance payments.

• Tell credit bureaus. Since failing to pay child support can amount to an unpaid debt, it can look bad on a person’s credit report.

• Prosecute the person in criminal court. This is not always easy to do, but it can be an option in extreme cases, leading to potential fines and even jail time.

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