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Man shoots, kills ex-wife outside Colorado McDonald's

"Domestic violence" is a rather loose term. Such violence doesn't always take place within a home, and it doesn't always happen when people are still considered family.

Sadly, a woman in Parker, Colorado, was killed by her ex-husband on Tuesday night after he gunned her down in a McDonald's parking lot. It was not his first exhibition of disturbing or abusive behavior by any means. The woman had previously filed a restraining order against him, although one was not in place at the time of the killing.

According to an article on KWGN's website, the tragedy capped months of escalating hostility. A 15-year-old witness to the murder says the man drove up in a dark Ford pickup and shot the woman three times in the chest while her children were inside the McDonald's restaurant. Police later found his body and determined he died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

The woman reportedly got a restraining order against the man last April because he followed her and her boyfriend to a Starbucks and verbally threatened the boyfriend. She apparently declined to make the restraining order permanent, however.

The violent threats had increased ever since the couple divorced in 2010. He apparently sent her harassing text messages. The woman, who was pregnant with her boyfriend's child, had apparently been told by her husband that he would "kill her and shoot anybody with her," according to a friend.

The friend says that the woman planned to marry her boyfriend and that the ex-husband seemed to be okay with it. But, according to KWGN, "something snapped." Tragically, no one intervened before it was too late.

Source: KWGN, "Mother gunned down at McDonald's was threatened by ex-husband," Dave Young and Julie Hayden, Dec. 29, 2011

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