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El Paso County sheriff’s deputy accused of assaulting boyfriend

On Behalf of | Dec 2, 2011 | Domestic Violence

Unusual cases of domestic violence often raise eyebrows, particularly when an authority figure is involved. A case involving an El Paso County sheriff’s patrol deputy was in the news recently, and while it’s since been dismissed, it brings to mind a misconception. Domestic violence is not confined to a man hitting his wife. Boyfriends, girlfriends and domestic partners of all types initiate violence, and it’s a problem.

It’s still unclear what transpired in this case, but the female deputy was accused of hitting her boyfriend in the chest and throwing dirt and bits of concrete at his house after an argument. She was apparently upset that the man spent too much time with his ex-wife on Halloween, according to the Colorado Springs Gazette.

She is also accused of following him 20 miles in her car and texting him to get him to talk to her. She also allegedly tried to enter his home several times before being told to leave.

The woman was placed on administrative leave, and it’s unclear when or if she will return. The sheriff’s office was apparently conducting an internal investigation.

Prosecutors apparently decided not to pursue harassment charges because they believe a conviction as not likely. They say the deputy was not cooperating with the investigation and that her boyfriend did not want to pursue the charges.

It is not entirely rare that men are victims of various forms of domestic abuse. No one should be subjected to such violence.

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