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Actor’s estranged wife alleges abuse, gets restraining order

On Behalf of | Dec 8, 2011 | Divorce |

Celebrities typically make headlines in the world of family law because of high-profile divorces, alimony payments or publicized child custody disputes. Occasionally, they make press because of alleged domestic violence.

That’s the case with actor Terrence Howard. The Oscar nominee is accused of abusing his wife, and now she’s acquired a temporary restraining order. According to a Reuters article, the “Hustle & Flow” actor must stay a minimum of 100 yards away from his estranged spouse, her workplace, her home and her car. That’s after she complained that he exhibited a pattern of abusive and menacing behavior.

The woman says Howard became physically and verbally abusive toward her shortly after their January 2010 wedding. In one argument, she says, he threw her across the room after grabbing her neck. In another, he allegedly punched her face and neck. That incident occurred a mere week after their wedding, she claims.

He also allegedly chipped her tooth after hitting her in the face in one incident, and sent her a strange text message with phrases such as, “Satan is taunting me” and I can’t promise how I will respond [to a divorce],” according to Reuters.

Howard was arrested for domestic violence in 2001 for allegedly punching another estranged wife in the face. This time, the restraining order will stay in effect until a hearing on the matter, which is scheduled for mid-January.

Howard’s current wife filed for divorce nearly a year after they were married.

Source: Reuters, “Terrence Howard’s wife gets restraining order following abuse claims,” Tim Kenneally, Dec. 6, 2011


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