After a divorce, sometimes people hold onto items that remind them of better times. In other instances, they just want to get rid of them.

One woman decided to help women empty their closets post-divorce. She created a company called The Divorcee Sale. She goes to women’s homes and sells the designer clothes they no longer want. That way, they make a little money and are free of the past to boot. Another benefit: a portion of proceeds from each sale is donated to charities including the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

The sales are a dream for fashionable bargain hunters. At a recent sale in New York, for example, a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes went for $425, when they normally would cost upwards of $800. There are discounts for items including dresses, jewelry and bags.

One woman who is giving up designer clothes including Prada, Ralph Lauren, and Dolce and Gabbana, says the clothes are simply unwelcome reminders of her former marriage. According to ABC News, she says in her new life she no longer needs them.

The founder of The Divorcee Sale recalls another woman who had a closet full of 60 designer dresses she simply no longer needed.

It can be a way for women like her to make a little money to invest in a new wardrobe that is more appropriate for the next chapter. The founder of the company sums it all up nicely to ABC News: “Life changes when you go through a divorce.”

Source: ABC News, “Divorcee sale: Women sell pre-divorce designer fashions, fashionistas get them at a discount,” Alberto Orso and Sabina Ghebremedhin, Sept. 23, 2011