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Wife accused of domestic violence on wedding night

On Behalf of | Jun 21, 2011 | Domestic Violence

Some marriages fall apart after several years. Others, after a few hours, apparently.

A couple from Lighthouse Point in Florida reportedly spent the night after their honeymoon in an unlikely place – the police station. The wife was reportedly arrested and charged with domestic violence battery, according to the Sun Sentinel. The charge apparently related to her pushing and biting her husband on their honeymoon night. According to reports, her bond was set at $4,500. She was apparently warned to stay away from alcohol – and her husband.

The couple was apparently married last Saturday. They reportedly celebrated at a hotel and then a nightclub that evening. The man told police his wife got drunk and danced with another man. The husband apparently went back to the hotel, where his wife followed. Then he went home and she followed him again. It was apparently then that she bit his right arm, ripped off his shirt and threw water at him.

The drama continued. According to the Sun Sentinel, the police went to the couple’s home the following morning in response to a 911 call. Police apparently found the man with a phone, holding down his wife. She reportedly claimed the bite marks were from them “fooling around,” but apparently police believed otherwise.

At a court hearing, the husband asked a judge to go easy on his wife. He had also apparently told police officers that he did not want to see his wife go to jail. Time will tell if they can iron out their differences.

Source: Sun Sentinel, “Lighthouse Point woman accused of domestic violence hours into marriage,” Danielle A. Alvarez, 21 June 2011