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Divorce is final – time to order a cake?

On Behalf of | Jun 3, 2011 | Divorce

It may sound bizarre, but some find divorce reason to celebrate. That’s not to say anyone thinks divorce is fun, or that it’s ever a happy time in someone’s life. But when it’s over, and the grieving process is done, and people are ready to move on, some people like to mark it with a little celebration.

According to an article on Myfoxtampabay.com, divorce parties are becoming more and more common across the country. Women, in particular, are getting together with newly divorced pals to celebrate their newfound freedom. There are even bakeries that are making divorce cakes. There are divorce party planners.

Divorce is nothing to make light of, but some people simply want to embrace their singlehood and newfound financial flexibility. According to one psychologist, as long as the partygoers are celebrating the future and not merely badmouthing their exes, it can be a healthy thing.

One area to watch out for, though, is children. Kids whose parents have divorced are not likely to see the silver lining in any clouds right away, the psychologist says. But thinking positively about your own future could be beneficial.

One group of four women in Tampa all separated and divorced in the last year. Now they want to celebrate by throwing their own divorce party. According to the Myfoxtampabay.com article, one says it’s a way for them to move on. It’s like “coming out of the cocoon and spreading the wings,” she says.

That’s not how everyone will look at it, but everyone has their own way of starting over.

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