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May 2011 Archives

Judge solves divorce puzzle, splits 'Wheel of Fortune' winnings

It doesn't happen all the time, but once in a while a Colorado divorce judge might encounter some unusual issues when deciding how a couple's assets should be divided when they divorce. A recent case in Washington State is a perfect example.

Census: Longer marriages, fewer divorces

23 percent of couples married since 1990 have divorced, according to a new report from the U.S. Census Bureau. But that number is lower than it was in the 1980s, when 26 percent got a divorce. There are generally fewer divorces nowadays, but part of that has to do with the way marriage has evolved.

Drunk man to be charged with domestic violence, DUI, among others

Anyone who is a victim of domestic violence should always attempt to seek help as soon as possible. A Colorado Springs woman did just that last week, and after she did, the man who allegedly assaulted her stole her car and fled from police before crashing it. He now faces a slew of charges.

How a lockout would affect players' ex-wives

As we have discussed before, child support and spousal support affect many individuals in Colorado and throughout the rest of the country. Many people depend on these payments to maintain their own livelihood and the livelihood of their children.

Mother denied primary custody because of breast cancer

Divorce and separation are things many Colorado couples go through. When couples who split are parents, determining child custody is a major part of the process. In a recent case, a mother was denied primary custody of her children because she has breast cancer, and many have criticized the judge's ruling.

Some states reducing child support payments for inmates

In a study performed by the Center for Policy Research in Denver, it was discovered that more than 50 percent of incarcerated people have children under the age of 18. Studies also found that of the parents who are in jail, half of them owe child support.

New study finds public supports equal child custody

Recently, one state's lawmakers proposed a bill that would make it mandatory for a judge to grant divorced parents equal custody of their children unless one parent is determined to be unfit. Now, researchers at one major U.S. university have found that the public generally supports the notion of equal custody.

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