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Over half of man’s lottery winnings taken to pay child support

On Behalf of | Apr 8, 2011 | Child Support

Many couples in Colorado have gone through a divorce or separation. It can be a difficult time no matter what, but if a couple has children, it can make the split even more challenging. There are many things that have to be considered, including child support and child custody.

In these situations, the children are always the first priority. Often the children’s well-being depends on regular and timely child support payments. If their father or mother fails to make the regular payments, it is often the children who suffer most.

In a recent case, a man won the lottery with a ticket worth a quarter of a million dollars. However, he will never see the majority of that money.

Before the man could collect his winnings, state lottery officials found out that he had failed to make child support payments worth $65,000. Officials took enough money out of his winnings to pay back the support he owed. The man ended up taking home about $106,000. The man’s two children are adults now, and officials say they should begin seeing the money they are owed soon.

A member of the state’s child support enforcement department says unpaid child support is something they do not take lightly. She said they will seize anything from retirement funds to inheritances to make sure children receive the money they are owed.

As this case illustrates, there are ways to obtain unpaid child support. Experienced Denver attorneys know how important child support can be to you and your children. Strong cases can be built to obtain unpaid support.

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