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Another state follows Colorado’s lead; says win big, pay up

Child support payments can be very important to the children receiving them. However, not all parents make their payments on time. When this happens, children are often left without the support they need to maintain their normal lifestyle. Now, another state is following the lead of Colorado and others by joining in a movement to make sure parents who have the money are paying their court-ordered child support.

Gambling is a pastime for many people across the country, including in Colorado. Now, another state’s gaming board has been allowed under a new law to begin collecting winnings from those who owe child support.

Beginning May 20, the Gaming Control Board of Louisiana will start collaborating with the state’s Department of Children and Family Services to allow casino operators to be able to see which of its customers owes child support. Thanks to a law the state passed in 2010, casinos will be able to collect winnings large enough to pay taxes on – a minimum of $1,200.

The casino data bases will be configured to tag an individual’s name who owes child support. This will signal to casino employees that they can collect a gambler’s winnings up to the amount owed. If gamblers win more than the amount of child support owed, they will be allowed to keep the remainder.

Colorado and Louisiana lawmakers have recognized the need to collect child support payments from those who can afford it whenever possible. It will be interesting to see if other states create similar laws.

Source: Businessweek, “La. To seize gambling winnings for child support,” 22 April 2011


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