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What will happen to my military retirement in my divorce?

If you are in the military and have a pension, you likely have concerns regarding what will happen to that money during your divorce. Will you be able to keep your retirement intact? Will your spouse walk away with a significant portion of your savings? These are important questions, and you would be wise to approach these issues with the help of an attorney experienced in the complexities of a military divorce.

Who gets what?

Support payments have special considerations from start to finish

The financial expenses of a divorce are considerable. These expenses can span beyond just the cost of filing the paperwork and retaining a lawyer.

If you have children or are responsible for paying spousal support, your financial obligation is going to span far beyond the date of the divorce. You will likely have a lot of money to shell out in child support and alimony if those are ordered in the case.

How does child support impact income taxes?

Child support orders are often difficult for parents to deal with. The parent who is paying the support might have trouble making the payments. The parent who is receiving the child support might always stress out about whether child support is going to show up on time or not.

The fact is that nothing is easy when you and your ex have a child together and aren't in a relationship together any longer. One thing that you need to think about in these cases is how the child support payments will impact your taxes.

Know your options for dealing with child custody matters

Child custody cases take the specific points of the case into account. These points include factors like the domestic violence that we discussed in our previous blog posts. When there are circumstances like that at the heart of the child custody case, the court must carefully consider the options that are available for the child.

We know that dealing with child custody issues is troubling for parents. You only want what is best for your child. Having to rely on someone else to make determinations about how your child should be handled is troubling. We can help you to learn about what might happen and determine how Colorado law can impact your case.

Domestic violence cases impact entire families

Domestic violence impacts entire families. These situations are difficult for the adults and the children involved. Typically, trying to get these cases resolved as quickly as possible is beneficial to all parties involved. We know that being involved in a domestic violence case is difficult. These cases often involve intimate details that you would rather have been kept private.

It is imperative that you take the steps necessary to protect yourself in a domestic violence case. Everyone who is involved in the court system has specific rights that he or she must ensure are respected. We can help you to learn about those rights so that you can find out if your rights are being respected.

Were you blindsided by divorce after 50?

Each new decade brings unique experiences and emotional adjustments in life. In fact, you can probably recall various thoughts, milestones and even worries that accompanied each of your birthdays ending in zeros. What you were thinking and feeling at 20 is likely quite different from your thoughts at age 40 or 50. Of course, this is natural. Life is a journey, and various things including career, marriage, and/or having and raising children significantly impact who you are as a person and what your personal goals happen to be.

Sometimes, however, something unexpected comes your way that leaves you feeling overwhelmed and unsure where to turn for support. Many people in Colorado who reach their middle-age years are caught off-guard when their spouses suddenly come home after 20 or 30 years of marriage saying they are filing court papers for divorce. If this sounds familiar, you are definitely not alone. Studies show major increases in divorces after age 50 throughout the nation. The fact that others share similar experiences, however, doesn't make it easier to navigate your own situation.

Battered women's syndrome makes leaving tough

Battered women's syndrome is a serious issue for many women who have been victims of domestic violence. These women often think they are helpless and they have no hope of standing on their own two feet. This is something that make it very difficult for them to leave their abuser and get the help they need.

Another thing that these women often think about is that they are going to be beaten if they do opt to leave. They often fear for their safety and sometimes the safety of their children because they know their spouse is unpredictable and like a ticking time bomb.

Divorce isn't the end of the road, it is a new road

We recently covered why second marriages are more likely to fail than first marriages. The fact of the matter is that any marriage has the chance of failing, especially if both parties aren't putting forth their full effort. As devastating as this might be, it is often a chance for a new life for you.

When you are facing a divorce, you can view it as the end of the road or you can view it as the beginning of a new road. Keeping a positive attitude isn't something that you can do all the time. You will likely hit some rough patches. Still, you can take steps to ensure that your new life starts out as good as possible.

How do I handle division of retirement assets during divorce?

When you and your spouse decide to call it quits in Colorado, you are essentially untangling not only an emotional bond but also a financial one. This can be intimidating whether you have been married for a few years or a few decades, but it can especially be unsettling if you are drawing near retirement. The splitting of retirement assets during your divorce proceeding can have a profound effect on your retirement plans in the coming years.

A few reasons second marriages are more likely to fail

Getting married is a huge step in a person's life. The first marriage is tough, but second marriages are more likely to end in divorce. There are various reasons for this. When you think about them, you can probably understand why you must tread lightly when you are considering getting married again.

One issue with second marriages is that the people coming into them have a lot of baggage. They often have to deal with blending a family, which adds another layer of stress to an already difficult situation.

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