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Don't focus on your ex when you are going through a divorce

In our previous blog post, we discussed some tips for compromise during a marriage and during a divorce. The fact of the matter is that until the final divorce order is signed, you and your ex might be forced to interact to come up with the settlement that you will have to live with for the rest of your lives. We can help find ways to make this work for you.

Depending on the circumstances of the divorce, you might have more than one area on which you need to work with your ex. If you have children together, you will have to come up with a child custody agreement. This means that you will have to deal with your ex long after the ink dries on the divorce papers because you are both still parents to your children.

How to avoid common parenting plan problems when you divorce

You may be one of many Colorado families who will spend this year's summer adapting to a new lifestyle after divorce. As a parent of several children, you're likely experiencing various levels of anxiety regarding your continuing relationship with your former spouse as a co-parent. Even though you chose to untie your marital knot, you know you will always be connected to your former spouse because of your children. The parenting plan horror stories others have told you have you feeling a little nervous about your own future.

There's a whole list of common problems many parents face when they divorce that are not always easily resolved. As you prepare to create new memories and help your children move forward to a happy, successful future, you'll likely fare best if you know your rights and think ahead to create possible solutions for potential problems that may arise.

Compromise is the key to marriage and divorce

When things get tough in your marriage, you might be tempted to call it quits. Before you make the decision to do that, you should take the time to evaluate what is truly important. There are several things that you will have to consider. However, you must start with the things that irk you the most about your spouse.

You need to take a few moments to think about what kinds of compromises there are that might help you and your spouse to work things out. Does he hate your music and you hate his? Maybe you need to settle on a genre tha is completely different.

Think about your child's future in a child custody case

We recently discussed how adopted children go through the exact same legal process as biological children when their parents divorce. These adopted children might suffer more emotionally because they are facing another life upheaval, especially if they were older when they were adopted.

We know that you probably didn't think your marriage would end like this. Since you can't change the status of the divorce, you should work toward making things easier for the children. One way you can do this is by trying to work through the child custody matters as quickly as possible so that the children can have a stable life, even with the new conditions.

What women should consider in a high-asset divorce

Colorado is an equitable distribution state. This means that, in a divorce, the court will divide a couple's assets and debts fairly, not necessarily equally. The divorce statutes in the state offer guidelines to provide each spouse with comparable means following the dissolution of marriage, instead of an even 50-50 split.

If you are a woman facing a high-asset divorce, you likely have many questions and concerns about the property you will receive following the divorce process. Today, many women have lucrative careers outside the home, but others do not work and focus on taking care of the house and children. In either case, you would do well to keep the following points in mind when seeking your fair share of marital property during your divorce.

How does an adoption impact a divorce case?

When your family adopts a child, you and your spouse are promising to treat the child as a member of your family. You tell the court that you will care for the child and raise the child.

Unfortunately, some adopted children experience a lot of strife in their lives. This is sometimes compounded by the adopted parents getting a divorce. You have special considerations to think about since you have an adopted child if you are facing a divorce that involves one of these amazing children.

What will happen to my military retirement in my divorce?

If you are in the military and have a pension, you likely have concerns regarding what will happen to that money during your divorce. Will you be able to keep your retirement intact? Will your spouse walk away with a significant portion of your savings? These are important questions, and you would be wise to approach these issues with the help of an attorney experienced in the complexities of a military divorce.

Who gets what?

Support payments have special considerations from start to finish

The financial expenses of a divorce are considerable. These expenses can span beyond just the cost of filing the paperwork and retaining a lawyer.

If you have children or are responsible for paying spousal support, your financial obligation is going to span far beyond the date of the divorce. You will likely have a lot of money to shell out in child support and alimony if those are ordered in the case.

How does child support impact income taxes?

Child support orders are often difficult for parents to deal with. The parent who is paying the support might have trouble making the payments. The parent who is receiving the child support might always stress out about whether child support is going to show up on time or not.

The fact is that nothing is easy when you and your ex have a child together and aren't in a relationship together any longer. One thing that you need to think about in these cases is how the child support payments will impact your taxes.

Know your options for dealing with child custody matters

Child custody cases take the specific points of the case into account. These points include factors like the domestic violence that we discussed in our previous blog posts. When there are circumstances like that at the heart of the child custody case, the court must carefully consider the options that are available for the child.

We know that dealing with child custody issues is troubling for parents. You only want what is best for your child. Having to rely on someone else to make determinations about how your child should be handled is troubling. We can help you to learn about what might happen and determine how Colorado law can impact your case.

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