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Woman burned begs court for protection

Domestic violence is a serious issue that should always receive the attention it deserves. Victims of domestic violence sometimes find themselves having to explain why they need to be protected from their attacker. A woman who was allegedly burned in an attack initiated by her estranged husband has turned to the court to get protection from him.

The incident occurred when the woman was at the man's house exchanging children. She was in her vehicle with their 14-year-old daughter when the man supposedly reached through the window of the vehicle, poured gasoline on her and struck a match to light it.

Your decisions now can profoundly impact your future

In our previous blog post, we discussed some of the considerations that you have to think about when you are dividing property in a divorce. This wasn't a comprehensive list, but it is a good starting point. We know that you might have a lot of concerns about what you are going to end up with at the end of the day.

As you move through the divorce process, you have to think about how each decision will impact you right away, as well as in the future. You can't let wanting to get back at your ex for the things he or she did get in your way when you deal with how property is divided. Now is the time to put yourself first and let the chips fall where they may.

Know what to consider during property division

It is all too easy to let your heart rule when you are working through the process of dividing your property during a divorce. Before you embark upon the process, you should know about some of the common mistakes you can make when you divvy the property up.

One common mistake is to not think about the real cost of the assets that you want. It is easy to make a list of what you want, but you have to go beyond thinking about the items. Think about the future costs of these items. For example, you may want to keep your luxury car, but you have to be sure that you will be able to cover the upkeep costs and repair costs associated with the car. Remember, you will only have one income when you are divorced.

Protect your legal health after getting married

The day that you say your vows, you might be happy that the journey toward getting married is finally over. You have your new spouse and a new life awaits. What you might not realize is that you have a lot of work to do, and this work doesn't have to do with making your marriage work. Instead, this has to do with ensuring that your legal health is taken care of.

One of the most important things you need to do as soon as possible is to file your marriage certificate. This legally establishes the marriage with the state. If you plan to change your name, now is the time to do this too.

Potential abuses of the domestic violence law in family law cases

Some people make accusations of domestic abuse in an attempt to gain an advantage in divorce and custody matters. Doing so diminishes the plight of those who actually suffer from domestic violence and puts you in a precarious position legally.

Prenuptial agreements can offer specific protections

Prenuptial agreements have a very important place in family law; however, this doesn't mean that everyone is going to have one in place when they get married. Many people opt not to work on a prenuptial agreement. Sometimes this is because they might not understand the purpose of one and other times it is because they feel they don't need one.

If you are getting married, you should make sure that you understand the purpose and scope of a prenuptial agreement so that you can decide if it is a good option for your case.

Delaying your divorce can make matters worse

After your spouse asked for a divorce, you may have reluctantly agreed. However, as the procedure began and the two of you started separating your lives, you probably discovered that the transition of divorce was going to be harder than you expected. Because of this, you have been dragging your feet.

Know what you might be able to get when you divorce

We recently discussed how far reaching the impact of a divorce can be. Your credit score is one factor that might be affected for some time after the ink dries on the divorce decree. It is imperative that you take the steps necessary to protect your fresh start when you opt to file for a divorce.

We know that if you are ready for your marriage to end, you might be willing to take whatever you can and just be done with it all. Even though this is a tempting thought, you should take a few moments to think about what this really means.

Your credit score can be impacted by your divorce

Filing for divorce is something that you know will bring dramatic changes to your life. You are going to have to learn to live on one income. You will be responsible for all of the bills. One thing that you might not realize might be impacted by the divorce is your credit.

There are a few ways that your credit can be affected by divorce. One is that you won't have your ex's income to help you with the debt-to-income ratio. This could have a negative impact on your credit rating. However, it might not have that much of an impact if you and your ex pay the debts you have together as quickly as possible.

Think carefully about how you work out child custody plans

We recently discussed some of the issues that come up for child and spousal support. While many people think that child support and child custody go hand-in-hand, that is somewhat of a misconception. While child custody and child support are both important, being able to see your child's doesn't depend on whether you pay child support. We aren't saying that you shouldn't pay, but we are noting that you can still spend time with your child even if you aren't able to pay.

When it comes time to make a child custody plan, you have to think about your child. If your child is older, the activity and school schedule should come into the picture. Younger children might have similar considerations.

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