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Emotions rule in many family law cases

The scope of family law is great. There are many cases that we can handle within this umbrella. When it comes to all family law cases, there is one thing that is present in all of them -- there is an emotional element to the case.

We know that you probably don't take family matters lightly. Whether you are dealing with an adoption, a divorce or a child custody matter, you have to ensure that you are protecting your rights. We can help you learn how to do this.

Marijuana and Colorado's minor in possession laws

Nearly everyone who lives in Colorado knows that marijuana use is now legal if used in accordance with state law. The exception to that rule is the same as it is for alcohol consumption -- individuals under the age of 21.

The state has always had minor in possession laws designed to prevent those under the legal drinking age from making mistakes that could affect the rest of their lives. Now, those laws also apply to the use of marijuana.

Differences between marriage and living together

When you are in a relationship with someone, the question of getting married or just living together might come up. It is imperative that you think carefully about this decision so that you can make the decision that is in your best interests.

Living together is something that doesn't require a formal agreement to start or end. This means that you can just grab a few outfits and move in with your boyfriend or girlfriend. If the relationship goes sour, you can grab those same outfits and move out.

Agreements are necessary in uncontested divorces

Many people want to get done with the divorce as quickly as possible. There are several ways that you can speed things up. One of these is for you and your ex to come to an agreement about everything related to the divorce so that you can file for an uncontested divorce.

It is important for you to realize just how detailed these divorces can be. If you don't have any assets or children, the uncontested divorce will be fairly easy. If you do have assets, children or both, you are in for a bit more work before your marriage legally ends.

Understand each option you have in your divorce case

In recent blogs, we've discussed some of the issues that you might have to deal with as part of a divorce. All of these issues are vitally important, so you have to think about what you are going to do to come up with agreements that can help you to resolve the divorce.

We know that this is a difficult time for you, but we can help you to explore the options that you have in each matter. This can range from helping you come up with a creative child custody agreement to working with you to figure out how the property will be divided.

Understand what happens with child support enforcement

When a parent is expecting a child support payment to come through and that payment doesn't happen, this can cause a financial hardship on the parent. It can also mean that the child doesn't get everything that he or she needs, which can be devastating.

Parents who are due financial support and don't get it do have options that they can exercise to try to get the other parent to pay. One of these options is to go through the child support enforcement process. This involves getting the authorities to work on getting the other parent to pay.

When is seeking sole custody the best choice?

Colorado parents know that divorce is a difficult process, especially when it comes to navigating concerns related to child custody. Parents are naturally greatly concerned with what will happen to their children in a divorce, and because of this, both parties may find themselves fighting for custody and visitation plans that are vastly different.

Most people know that children generally benefit when they can maintain strong relationships with both parents. However, that is not always the best arrangement for every family. For example, because of the circumstances of your individual situation, you may believe that it is in the best interests of your child for you to seek sole custody

Think carefully about support payments during a divorce

Financial support is a key factor in some divorce cases. It is important for people who are going through a divorce to understand some basic points about support orders that might come into the picture.

One of the important points is what type of support payment you are going to receive. There are two types of support payments that are associated with divorces -- spousal support and child support. These are very different.

Which laws govern child custody issues regarding grandparents?

Divorce is seldom easy, and those involving children are often particularly challenging. Colorado parents who divorce often disagree on matters concerning custody and visitation of their children. The court generally believes that children should be provided ample time with both parents following divorce to increase their chances of successfully adapting to new lifestyles. However, in certain circumstances, a parent's presence may be detrimental to children, in which case the court would rule accordingly in the children's best interests.

Nowadays, there appear to be an increase of cases involving grandparents. Some say they should be granted visitation rights while others believe grandparents should be able to sue for physical custody of their grandchildren. State laws vary concerning such issues, and if you're current situation includes problems surrounding the topic, your best means of success may include arming yourself with as much information as possible ahead of time.

Think about each child custody decision you have to make

We recently discussed the severity of child custody interference. This is something that can have a negative impact on the child, so parents would be wise to avoid this issue. This isn't the only issue that can come up in a child custody case. There are a host of other issues that can come up.

We know that you don't want your children in the middle of a long legal battle. This is one reason why parents might have to put their differences aside so they can work together to parent their children. Doing this isn't always easy, but it might help if you remember that you only have to deal with your ex about the children. You don't have to address any other issues.

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