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Sometimes, failing at marriage makes you happier in the long run

A divorce can cause an upheaval in a person's life that is of monumental proportions. In many instances, it changes your life in just about every way imaginable. It not affects the couple, but their children, extended families and friends. Coping with the feelings before, during and after a divorce can be exceedingly difficult, but it does get better - doesn't it? According to one expert, her marriage failing was the first stop to be happiness.

New study shows more siblings may lower likelihood of divorce

The findings of a new study from Ohio State University show that those who grow up in large families have a lower likelihood of divorce than those who have no siblings. This isn't the first study to analyze the relationship of divorce and siblings, but this one used data from the General Social Survey.

Millions will be split in Michael Moore's divorce

Michael Moore and his wife of 21 years will be heading into divorce court. Michael filed for divorce on June 17 and according to court filing, have joint property that will need to be divided by the court. According to the Antrim County, Michigan, property records, part of that property is a home located in Torch Lake and is worth $1.2 million alone. For Colorado residents, this case is an example of how a high-asset divorce can play out in the media and be viewed across the country.

7 Colorado same-sex civil union couples file for dissolution

Many same-sex couples who saw their civil unions legalized in Colorado on May 1 have now filed for dissolution. While same-sex marriages are not recognized in Colorado, civil unions are. That also means dissolutions are, too, and with that means the consequences of such breakups must be, as well. This might include property division, child custody, child support and alimony.

The three questions children most commonly ask about divorce

There is no easy way to break the news of a divorce to your children. For most Denver Colorado parents, and others across the country, this conversation is one that will be met with tears and heartbreak and an instant where you want to reconsider your decision. Most children will have the same questions about the divorce.

What does the new Supreme Court ruling mean for same-sex couples?

Until the Supreme Court struck down Section 3 of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) last week, same-sex couples did not have the same legal protections and privileges as married couples. The case, The United States v. Windsor, has changed that and with it, same-sex married couples now have married privileges and rights.

Divorce's Silver Linings

There are a lot of words used to describe divorce, and most of them aren't flattering: sad, angry, depressing, miserable and wretched. For most people who have weathered the storm, however, there is another side. It does take a while to get there, though, but being divorced can bring many things, including empowerment, growth and acceptance. Here are more of divorce's silver linings.

How do assets get divided in a divorce?

If you and your spouse have significant assets, it can be quite difficult to divide them up during a Colorado divorce. These assets might include houses, pension and retirement plans, businesses, stocks and brokerage accounts. Even if your divorce is rather amicable, it can still be a long process, and if your divorce is combative, it's guaranteed to be even longer.

Benefits to be issued to same-sex partners of military members

In September, same-sex partners of military service members will begin receiving identification cards issued by the U.S. government. These dependent ID cards will provide many benefits to same-sex partners that were once only reserved for married service members. The web notice about the upcoming issuance of the identification cards uses "SSDP" for same-sex domestic partners.

How to keep your divorce as simple as possible

Even when both parties agree to an amicable divorce, the financial and emotional upheaval the separation causes can make it difficult to keep a divorce from becoming "messy." Those who are successful in doing so are usually those who following these guidelines.

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