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Man lives in lawn for 5 months after being kicked out

A rather strange story recently came out of Texas, and people in nearby Colorado may want to know more about it, as it relates to family law issues. According to reports, a man's wife kicked him out of the house. Rather than getting a hotel or an apartment, though, the man started living in his own front yard. He didn't just do it for a day or two, either, but for five months.

Substance abuse issues and the family courts

Parenting even under the best of circumstances certainly comes with its challenges, but when the parents of a child are no longer in a relationship and one party is struggling with substance abuse, it can complicate things even further. In these situations, it's normal to be concerned about your ex and how to protect your children without harming their relationship with the parent.

What is a motion for continuance?

Family law cases can be very complicated, and it's common for these cases to be very intense as well, with both parties fighting over custody, child support or property division. To the disappointment and frustration of some, these cases can also take months to resolve. It's important to understand that family law is complex and that it's important for your lawyer and the courts to take the time they need to give the case their full attention and consideration.

Reasons to have a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement

Prenuptial agreements could seem like agreements for two people who don't fully trust each other or who want to be unfair, but that assumption couldn't be further from the truth. A prenuptial agreement protects both parties' best interests, and it can help a divorce move smoothly if one ever arises.

Here are some examples of how prenups aren't full proof

Imagine that you and your spouse are going through a divorce and the two of you have a prenuptial agreement. In this agreement, it outlines very clearly that your spouse stands to obtain a majority of the assets from the marriage, among many other things. Objectively, you drew the short straw, and you aren't feeling very happy when the two of you go to family court.

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