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Posts tagged "Domestic Violence"

Study finds college domestic violence often tied to alcohol

According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, underage college drinking and abuse are public health problems. The NIAAA reports that 80 percent of college students drink alcohol and that half of them had at least one binge drinking episode in the last two weeks.

Radio personality arrested in Denver for domestic violence

Domestic violence is not just a criminal charge that happens to everyday people. Celebrities are often charged as well. However, these cases often play out in the media. A well-known radio personality was arrested in Denver, Colorado, on Dec. 20 for an alleged domestic violence incident.

Pro hockey players see domestic violence charges dropped

A charge of domestic violence can be life-altering. It can damage one's reputation, affect personal relationships with family and friends, and limit a parent's time with his or her children. Restraining orders and orders of protection are almost always granted in domestic violence cases. These court orders make it illegal for someone charged with domestic violence to have any contact with the victim in the case, which usually means that the defendant must find another place to live.

Domestic violence app might save Colorado women's lives

Domestic violence can be a very real problem for many in Colorado, as well as the rest of the country. There are several resources available for those who are in an abusive relationship; however, some women and men are often terrified to the point that they refuse to seek help. A new app for Android cellphones or iPhone may help.

Study: domestic violence often passed from parents to children

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention lists domestic violence as a public health problem, and one that is preventable and serious. Also called "intimate partner violence" by the CDC, it is a term used to describe abuse in a psychological, sexual or physical way by a former or current spouse or partner.

Woman facing domestic violence charges after setting fire to home

Domestic violence is not a crime that only happens to women. Men are also victims, although this occurs less frequently. Our Denver readers may be interested in a story out of Colorado Springs in which a woman has been charged with domestic violence after allegedly setting her ex-boyfriend's home on fire.

Denver Nuggets' Tywon Lawson arrested in domestic violence case

Arrests in domestic violence cases do not only occur with ordinary people, but with celebrities and well-known sports figures. On Aug. 17, Tywon Lawson and his girlfriend were both arrested in what the sheriff of Arapahoe County, Colorado, has called a "domestic violence incident."

Work release for ex-school principal in domestic violence case

A former principal of the Windsor Middle School has been sentenced in a domestic violence case that involved his wife. The defendant pleaded guilty in June to charges of felony menacing. In the state of Colorado, menacing is the criminal charge of knowingly placing someone "in fear of imminent serious bodily injury." The charge becomes a felony when it involves the use of a deadly weapon, but the weapon does not have to be seen.

Charges filed against man for kidnapping son, fleeing to Canada

Multiple charges have been filed against a Colorado man who allegedly kidnapped his three-year-old son and fled to Canada. The father was found in Brandon, Manitoba, Canada, in a motel with his son and was arrested. The boy was returned to his mother on May 28. The man was extradited back to Colorado. According to earlier reports by The Denver News Channel, the man had entered Canada illegally.

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