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Colorado child custody action: Getting out of domestic violence

When there is upset in your Colorado household of any kind, likely the top priority is the welfare of your children. Regardless of if it has involved any children, domestic violence taking place in a home could impact the kids for the rest of their lives. Families who are dealing with such disputes may be interested to learn about the options regarding child custody, if they feel they want to exit such an environment.

Colorado domestic violence could come up during divorce

We've discussed domestic violence before, and how it can affect a victim when they are abused or harmed by their loved one, but we haven't spent much time on the topic of how even allegations of violence can affect a family. It's important for Colorado residents to know all of the effects of abuse within a home when it comes to partners and children as well. For one woman in another state, the charges of domestic violence didn't result in conviction of her husband, but their divorce proceedings may result in a change anyway.

Colorado parents: How international divorce could affect custody

Coloradans who have a family comprised of different nationalities likely know of the differing laws and complications when it comes to some issues. One issue in particular was recently featured as being potentially very problematic for parents of different citizenship: namely, divorce.

Tips for non-custodial Colorado parents remaining in kids' lives

We've talked before some about co-parenting and how to maintain a regular and stable relationship with your child or children after you and your spouse split up. It can be especially difficult for the parent who doesn't get full custody. For those Colorado parents who aren't able to see their kids on as regular of a basis, there are a few ways to make the most of the time you do have with your kids.

Child custody dispute ends in 19-year missing person case

Coloradans know custody disputes are rarely easy to go through. The idea of having to defend your abilities and rights as a parent is so jarring to so many already that it can be near-devastating if your child is indeed placed in the hands of someone else. For one woman, the custody proceedings didn't end with her son being placed in someone else's hands but rather taken, by his grandparents.

Coloradans: How divorce could affect your retirement

Most marriages are entered into with the intention of lasting for the rest of the couples' lives. When that doesn't happen, both parties have to deal with the emotional and confusing process of deciding what to do with their life together and their soon-to-be lives apart. Statistics have shown recently that there has been a dramatic increase in the amount of divorces occurring in couples over the age of 50 - going from one of every ten divorces to one of every four over the last two decades or so. While the numbers may shock some, those who are going into the divorce process closer to their retirement age likely are bearing the weight of a much different turmoil.

Last year's summary in interesting divorce tidbits

As we amped up for the holiday season, we talked a lot about how to cope with such merriment when you're still dealing with a painful split. Now that we're in 2013, is it possible we're another year wiser? A compilation of a few studies reported on last year has made the news for having found some interesting results when it comes to divorces across the globe.

Coloradans getting married again: how to start afresh?

Being divorced can be nearly impossible to know how to navigate. Meryl Streep's character says it well in It's Complicated with her line, "Here's the good news. In two more years you'll actually begin to feel normal again." Coloradans who have gone through the divorce process know how it can affect a family in many more ways than just the immediate impact. For some, the family dynamic can be a struggle to attain once again, especially if there is the potential of another marriage in the future.

Colorado domestic dispute leaves husband with stab wound

We've talked before about the importance of raising awareness and prevention methods of domestic violence. It's such a grave and complex subject that it's often regarded with a tendency toward the worst possible situations. As serious as we must take the most horrible of domestic violence cases, it is just as important to be mindful of any and every circumstance wherein domestic violence takes place.

Frankel and husband announce their intent to "'amicably'" divorce

When a Colorado couple chooses to divorce, the effects that it can have on their close family and friends are often great and varied. For those who wish to divorce in such a way that maintains their family unit and allows for a less turbulent transition into their new home life, working with an attorney through the divorce process could help.

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