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Child Custody & Parenting Time Archives

Colorado Court of Appeals to hear case involving 6-year-old

The Colorado Court of Appeals is set to hear a case involving a 6-year-old girl with dual citizenship in both Latvia and the United States. The girl was apparently visiting Denver, Colorado, with her father when he died of a heart attack. The girl's mother had also died shortly after her birth. The father's will states that guardianship of the child was to be transferred to the girl's nanny who had been living with and taking care of her for the majority of her life. According to reports, the girl also called the nanny "Mommy."

How important is a clear parenting time plan?

Establishing a schedule or plan for parenting time is extremely important in custody cases. Children need structure, and knowing when they are going to see which parent and how long the parenting time will be allows them to feel more control over the situation. How your parenting time plan is set up, however, largely depends on your individual circumstances and what is deemed in the best interests of the children.

Presumption of paternity and paternity fraud

While it may seem like paternity is only an issue for those who have never been married, it is really at the heart of any child custody issue. Many people are surprised to find out that even if a child is not biologically theirs, they may still have to pay child support. It's important for those going through a divorce with children to understand how the presumption of paternity works and why it matters.

Helping your child process a divorce

Most people would agree that going through a divorce is a difficult time for all involved, regardless of the particulars of the situation. However, divorces are often hardest on the children who don't understand what is happening or why. They can be very confused and anxious about what is going on. A recent study sought to explore this further.

Parental alienation: What is it?

Simply put, parental alienation occurs when one parent plots to negatively affect the other parent's relationship with the children. In many cases, it comes about because one parent is still upset with the other about things that happened in the marriage or divorce and is using the child as a pawn to upset the other parent.

What rights do Colorado grandparents have?

Too often, part of the collateral damage of a couple's divorce is their children's relationship with their grandparents. Of course, there are other situations like death, incarceration and illness that can tear families apart and leave grandparents fighting for the right to have custody or even just visitation, with their grandchildren.

Preparing for a stepparent adoption

While many families have difficulties at first adjusting to the changing dynamic when a new stepparent comes into the house, others find that things are working out so well they begin to consider the idea of a stepparent adoption. Before moving forward on this path, however, it's important to understand the requirements that must be met as well as how to tell if this is a good choice for your particular situation.

Back-to-school season is a time for parents to come together

With Labor Day behind us, it is time to turn out attention to the school season. This means changes in schedules and different needs for children. Even though your children have likely already started school, it isn't too late for you and your child's other parent to start working out the finer details about parenting during the school.

Parental responsibility cases aren't always cut-and-dry

When it comes to divorce, issues dealing with the children are some of the most difficult to work through. These parental responsibility issues often pit the wishes of one parent against the wishes of the other parent. In some cases, the parents are able to negotiate an agreement that puts the child's interests first. That is the ultimate goal when we take on a child custody issue -- we want what is best for the child.

Which religion will my child be brought up in?

For many families, religious beliefs are some of the most deeply held tenants of their lives, and it's normally taken for granted that children will grow up in the religion of their parents. However, if the parents are divorced or were never married and subscribe to different religions, it can make this much more complicated.

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