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Child Custody & Parenting Time Archives

Parenting time: Your rights in Colorado

Establishing parenting time is one aspect of divorce that you may not be looking forward to. Fortunately, because of how the system works, your child's wishes, your wishes and the best interests of the parties involved will all be considered. Here are a few facts about the process you may not already know.

Setting up a parenting time plan in Colorado

Studies have shown that children need to have both of their parents in their lives. When they lose touch with one or the other, perhaps following a divorce, it can impact their development. It can also cause emotional damage. This is why it is so important to understand the parenting time -- which is sometimes called visitation -- laws in Colorado.

How does relocation work with child custody?

If you have divorced from your spouse and you have a child, what happens when you want to relocate to a different city or state? It's a tough question that doesn't have a straight answer, as every case is going to be a little bit different with a wide variety of factors. However, there are a few things to know about this complex area of divorce and family law.

Sherri Shepherd wins one of two child custody cases

Sherri Shepherd, one of the co-hosts of "The View," recently won one of her child custody cases. Shepherd's ex-husband filed for temporary physical custody of their 9-year-old son, claiming that Shepherd's job was of more importance to her than their child. However, a judge denied the man's claim, saying that nothing "material" had changed and that the custody arrangement would remain as is.

How difficult is it to be a single parent?

When many couples with children begin to think about divorce, the thought of raising their kids in two homes is frightening. Some worry that being a single parent will be too hard and decide to stay in an unhappy marriage. That's not always the best choice. It's no lie that single parenting can have its moments when a parent might think he or she simply cannot cope. However, there are plenty of single-parent homes where the kids are well-adjusted and a parent can feel as though he or she can tackle almost anything.

Colorado dad one step closer to reuniting with children

Every parent's worst nightmare may soon be over for one Colorado dad. The Snowmass resident has not visited with his two daughters, aged seven and five, since their mother fled with the girls to her native country, Argentina, almost four years ago. Seven months ago, the mother cut off all contact between the father and his girls as well. While he was supposed to have a minimum of three weekly court-ordered Skype chats with the girls, the mother has stopped allowing it. The father has stated that the mother ceasing communication is a way of "getting back" at him. He also said that it's punishing the children by preventing them from having needed contact with both of their parents.

Argentina Supreme Court rules in custody case for Colorado man

A man who has been fighting for over three years to get his two girls back from his ex-wife in Argentina has finally won the battle. The two girls, now ages 5 and 7, were supposed to be in the father's custody after a ruling by a Colorado judge in 2011 gave him primary residential custody.

Child custody cases and overnight guests: This could be a problem

After a divorce, many now-single Denver parents and others around the nation begin to move on with lives. This includes finding new relationships. In some cases, the new relationship could start during the divorce, as some divorces can take months or even years to finalize. Some parents may wonder if there could be a problem with child custody if they were to have an overnight guest. The answer is yes, and some of the reasons are listed below.

More divorced dads seeking equal parenting time

In decades past, the mother was usually the one who got primary custody of the children when a divorce occurred. This was due to the man usually being the primary breadwinner in the household. That is changing, however, and more women are now working full-time and out-earning their husbands. Still, the courts seem to award the mother with primary custody, leaving the father to work hard to pay alimony and child support.

Will Colorado's new marijuana laws affect child custody cases?

With the new year, there are some significant laws that are now in effect in Colorado. One allows for the recreational use of marijuana.While some people were headed off to one of the state's recreational pot shops, others are more cautious. They are worried about the stigma that often comes with marijuana use.

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