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Potential abuses of the domestic violence law in family law cases

Some people make accusations of domestic abuse in an attempt to gain an advantage in divorce and custody matters. Doing so diminishes the plight of those who actually suffer from domestic violence and puts you in a precarious position legally.

Your divorce and finances: Your rights in Colorado

Financial problems are a part of some marriages, and when they are, they also become part of the divorce. In family law conflicts, it's no wonder some people are aggravated; a partner could be trying to split debt that isn't really equal, or they could be burdened with debt that the other partner should be responsible for. Negotiating debt in Colorado can be complicated when there are business agreements or large differences between the couple's salaries.

Are grandparents' rights recognized in child custody in Colorado?

In some states in the country, grandparents' rights are not usually recognized. In Colorado, if a parent has denied the grandparents a right to see their grandchildren, the court assumes that the parent has acted in the best interests of the child.

Episcopal Church's first gay bishop to divorce

For more than a quarter of century, a bishop with the Episcopal Church has been in a same-sex marriage. He was the first openly gay bishop in the church and when he announced that he was gay, it came with much controversy. It was 2003 when he was appointed as bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of New Hampshire. The bishop's first marriage -- to a woman -- resulted in two children, but ended in separation in 1986.

How much can same-sex marriage add to Colorado's economy?

On Feb. 21, we told you about a lawsuit that is currently in the legal system in Colorado that seeks to have the state's ban on same-sex marriage ruled unconstitutional. Currently, same-sex couples are allowed to enter into a civil union; however, that could change depending on the outcome of the lawsuit. One recent study, though, has looked into the effect that same-sex marriage would have on Colorado's economy.

Colorado judge rules in favor of father in adoption case

In another update to a story we told you about in August and December of last year, a Colorado juvenile judge has ruled that a man will now have a parenting role in his now-6-year-old daughter's life. The girl was adopted by her uncle and his wife in early 2008, after her mother gave up her parental rights.

Colorado governor announces his support of same-sex marriage

A few weeks ago, we told you of a lawsuit filed by nine same-sex couples against the governor of Colorado, John Hickenlooper, as well as Denver's city clerk. The lawsuit challenges the constitutionality of the state's ban on same-sex marriage. The governor has never come right out and said that he approves of same-sex marriage. However, that changed this month.

Colorado's gay marriage ban subject of possible lawsuit

Colorado's Amendment 43 is the state's ban on same-sex marriage. It was approved by voters in 2006. It defines marriage as a "union between a man and a woman." Civil unions are allowed in Colorado as of last year, but many same-sex couples believe that they should have the right to marry.

Colorado Senate passes tax bill for same-sex marriage

Same-sex marriage is not legal in Colorado, although same-sex civil unions are. While the federal government is still trying to determine how to deal with many issues impacting same-sex marriages - or the lack thereof in some states - the Colorado Senate passed a bill that could change the way same-sex couples filed their Colorado taxes.

Tips for blended families and same-sex parenting

Same-sex couples in Denver and across the country can have just as many issues with blending families and parenting as opposite-sex couples. It's difficult to move two families under the same roof, let alone try to figure out where ex-partners figure into the mix. With children, everything is magnified, including how often you must deal with an ex, when and where to meet for picking up children and all those other things that come with blended families and exes.

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