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Colorado child support: reproduction prohibition for back pay?

One of the reasons for child support laws is to ensure that a parent is still supporting their child, even if the circumstances are strained or unique. For many, these payments are feasible, but there is also a large community of parents who have trouble coming up with the exact amount for every payment. A recent case in another state shows just how serious child support is for all residents - Coloradan or other.

Russian parents not paying child support face public abasement

Paying child support is often a part of getting a divorce for parents who live in Colorado and elsewhere. Working out an agreement that the non-custodial parent can comply with is a good way to start on the right foot, but sometimes there are cases when one party isn't able to make their contribution to child support. In that instance, unless they are able to come up with it, they could face legal repercussions, especially if the payments are grossly past-due.

State succeeds in collecting gambling winnings for child support

Colorado's 2008 statute that requires the Department of Revenue to nab money for outstanding child support payments from people's gambling winnings in excess of $1,200 was apparently a success. So much so, in fact, that a new law updating that statute will require racetracks and casinos to intercept money from winnings as restitution for crime victims.

Some states reducing child support payments for inmates

In a study performed by the Center for Policy Research in Denver, it was discovered that more than 50 percent of incarcerated people have children under the age of 18. Studies also found that of the parents who are in jail, half of them owe child support.

Another state follows Colorado's lead; says win big, pay up

Child support payments can be very important to the children receiving them. However, not all parents make their payments on time. When this happens, children are often left without the support they need to maintain their normal lifestyle. Now, another state is following the lead of Colorado and others by joining in a movement to make sure parents who have the money are paying their court-ordered child support.

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