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Is it possible to change my divorce order after it is final?

From your financial support obligations to your child custody order, the terms of your divorce will have a significant impact on your life for years to come. While the terms of your divorce order could work reasonably well for years, there are times in which you may need to seek a modification of your existing order. 

What prompts the court to order supervised child visitation?

When you get divorced, you and your spouse are able to negotiate terms regarding child custody and visitation although you'll need to seek the court's approval of any plan you devise. Once the court finalizes your divorce, all parties must adhere to an existing court order unless and until such time that the court might deem it appropriate to modify its orders. 

Do's and don'ts of helping kids through divorce

Just before telling your children you were planning to divorce, you may have worried over finding the right words. You understood from the start that the news would likely take them by surprise and wanted to make sure you told them what they needed to know without giving them more information than they might be able to bear, emotionally speaking. You probably felt somewhat relieved after you shared the news.  

Divorce can be a big deal for your small business

Small business owners in Colorado know that major life events can have a major impact on their company. When you own your own business, your personal life and your professional life often overlap. A divorce will certainly impact your closely held assets, including your business, and you may find it beneficial to learn how you can protect the company you worked so hard to build.

The right defense strategy when facing white collar crime charges

If you are facing criminal charges on either a state or federal level, you may know there is a lot at stake. From your personal freedom to your future opportunities, a conviction will have a long-reaching effect on your personal and professional life. Fighting back is critical for your interests, but it is especially so when facing federal white collar crime charges. 

Sole custody rare in Colorado

Like most Colorado parents, you and your children have good days and bad days. In fact, sometimes one or the other extends into weeks or months, depending on your current circumstances. When you told your kids you were getting divorced, you worried you'd be in for more of the latter; however, you were determined to do your best to let your kids know you love them and would be there to help them adjust to a new lifestyle.

Can I get more than the standard child support amount?

You are getting ready to go through the divorce process in Colorado. After looking at all the information, you can find you have some concerns, particularly about how much child support you can get. Your spouse has a significant income, and your children have grown accustomed to a certain lifestyle and participate in a lot of extracurriculars that you will not be able to afford with just the standard child support amount offered. This leaves you wondering, "Am I entitled to receive more than the standard?"

The stakes are high when high-value property undergoes division

The most ideal way of handling the division of property during a marital breakup, in theory, would be you and your future ex-spouse amicably deciding how you want to divide your property. Unfortunately, this isn't always feasible in many situations, especially in a divorce featuring high-value assets.

You shouldn't have to play hide and seek with assets in divorce

You've always prided yourself on keeping organized and maintaining thorough records regarding all financial goings on in your household. In fact, your spouse and friends have often teased you in the past for being one of those people in Colorado who save every single receipt even for minor purchases, such as a few toiletries or pack of chewing gum. You never minded the jesting, however, because in the end, you figured it was a win/win situation.

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