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You shouldn't have to play hide and seek with assets in divorce

You've always prided yourself on keeping organized and maintaining thorough records regarding all financial goings on in your household. In fact, your spouse and friends have often teased you in the past for being one of those people in Colorado who save every single receipt even for minor purchases, such as a few toiletries or pack of chewing gum. You never minded the jesting, however, because in the end, you figured it was a win/win situation.

Do I have to give up my inheritance during my divorce?

During the divorce process, you may have questions regarding whether your spouse has rights to an inheritance you acquired while married. For instance, your uncle might have passed away and left you assets in his will, but did not mention your spouse even though he knew you were married.

What can I do if my ex is getting rid of our marital assets?

Facing a divorce can be stressful. On top of dealing with the emotional aspect of ending your marriage, you may also be understandably worried about your financial future. A spiteful soon-to-be ex can exasperate these worries.

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