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Coloradans: know safe ways to divorce an abusive spouse

Domestic violence rates are getting to be more and more heart-breakingly high, causing many in Colorado and across the nation to pay attention to what the victims of this abuse need. It can be a paralyzing situation for someone to go through, not knowing how to get out or if they will be able to leave their situation. While many divorces do not involve this very serious issue, understanding its complexities and how to go about a divorce when dealing with such abuse could help someone in this very circumstance. One source has a few ideas on how to make the divorce process a little more streamlined on a person who is being domestically abused by their spouse.

Volunteer training begins for Colorado domestic violence resource center

Domestic violence is a major issue in Colorado, and no one knows that better than the staffers at the San Miguel Resource Center in Telluride. Every year, the center is visited by over two hundred people seeking counseling, legal referrals, and safe housing. Recently, center began training volunteer advocates, hoping to lighten the caseload handled by full time staffers.

Nicolas Cage arrested for domestic violence

Domestic violence can happen anywhere at almost any time, including in Colorado as we discussed last week. Although it may be uncharacteristic of someone to act violent toward another individual, certain circumstances can ignite anger or rage in a person. Whether sparked by a specific event or some level of intoxication, domestic violence is a serious issue that is not to be taken lightly.

Ex-wife of Colorado Springs mayoral candidate alleges abuse

The Colorado Springs mayoral elections have taken a turn as accusations of domestic abuse against one of the candidates surfaced recently. The former wife of one of the mayoral candidates has come forward with allegations of domestic violence, saying the man physically abused her during their brief marriage.

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