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Incriminating Facebook photo ends one man's two marriages

So, we all know the internet can lead to some interesting discoveries, but what if that discovery is about your spouse...and their other marriage? Colorado residents may want to take note of how social media could interfere with relationships or divorces. One man was recently found out via Facebook by one of his wives that he was involved in more than just the one marriage.

How do step-parents or children define family on Facebook?

There can be a lot of uncertainty when more than one Colorado family combines into one unit. A son may gain a stepmother, and a father may gain a stepdaughter. How will things go? What will the family dynamics be like? Will everyone get along?

Court-ordered Facebook apology raises eyebrows

Over the past few months, we've noted that Facebook has been playing an increasing role in evidence in divorce and child custody cases in Colorado and all over the country. A situation in another state is making headlines because of it its unusual outcome: A man was ordered to apologize to his ex-wife for 30 days - on Facebook - for a rant he had posted on the social networking site.

Authorities unfriend woman's case against ex after Facebook fraud

Child custody battles can get contentious, but one couple took that to an extreme recently. Amid the messy child custody dispute, a woman apparently created a fake Facebook account to catch her ex-husband in a lie. It worked at first, but the tables were later turned.

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