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How Your Vacation Home Can Further Complicate Your High-Asset Divorce

When times were still good, you and your spouse were probably overjoyed to purchase that vacation home in the mountains of Colorado or that oceanfront property in California. But unhappily, your marriage is on the rocks. You are contemplating divorce, and that vacation property is a high-value asset that will soon be causing headaches instead of smiles and holiday memories.

Complexities of Divorce When You Own a Business

Having significant assets can complicate a divorce alone. Owning a business or multiple businesses? That can really complicate things. This is because a business can have both tangible and intangible values. Determining just how must value there is can become a contested property division issue. If this sounds like this could be your divorce scenario, being fully informed is the first step.

Oil baron's divorce could prove to be very, very costly

You may not have heard of Harold Hamm, but he is a crucial figure in the oil industry. It is believed that Hamm owns the most oil in the ground than any American, and his drilling company, Continental, is worth $27 billion. Of course, when he first started the company nearly 50 years ago, Continental was worth a modest amount. It was valued at somewhere between $10 million and $50 million.

During divorce, beware of legal advice from family and friends

If you have recently announced your decision to divorce, you may have noticed that people around you have a lot of advice to give -- particularly those who have been through a divorce of their own. While all of this advice is probably well intentioned, you have probably noticed that not all of it is helpful. What you may not realize, however, is that some of it can be downright harmful, especially it involves legal and financial matters pertaining to your divorce.

Beware of electronic spying during and after divorce

During and after divorce, it is important to be alert to the risk that your ex could be using technology to invade your privacy. Not only is spying creepy and potentially illegal, but depending on the circumstances it could may affect the outcome of divorce-related issues such as child custody, property division or spousal support. In some situations, it can even be dangerous.

Cuba Gooding Jr. headed down divorce path

No one wants to think about the possibility of going through the divorce process. Unfortunately, some couples find themselves in this position. It can be very draining, emotionally and financially. Child custody and visitation, property division and alimony may all play role in a divorce, making even a couple on relatively friendly terms become bitter enemies.

What is 'conscious uncoupling' and will it work for your divorce?

Gwyneth Paltrow recently stated that she and her husband Chris Martin were going through a "conscious uncoupling." For those not familiar with this latest divorce buzzword, the couple is getting divorced. But, what exactly is "conscious uncoupling" and is it something you can use in your divorce?

Does cohabitating before marriage mean higher risk of divorce?

Many of our Colorado readers have probably heard that there is a greater chance of divorce for those couples who choose to live together before marriage. However, according to a new study, that line of thinking may not be correct.

After divorce: Tips for coping and moving on

For almost everyone, a divorce is a complete upheaval in life. Everything is turned upside down, from where you may live, to that which your paycheck goes towards. Emotions are raw right after a divorce, and even in no-fault divorces, there is still a need to blame someone -- even if that someone is yourself.

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