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Accused of intending to distribute illegal drugs? You have rights

Based on federal law, possessing an illegal drug and intending to distribute it is against the law. Therefore, if authorities accuse you of possession with the intent to distribute, you can face fines as well as time behind bars if convicted.

Marijuana and Colorado's minor in possession laws

Nearly everyone who lives in Colorado knows that marijuana use is now legal if used in accordance with state law. The exception to that rule is the same as it is for alcohol consumption -- individuals under the age of 21.

Why you should take your first-time DUI seriously

Drunk driving in Colorado is a serious criminal offense, even for a first-time offender. If this type of criminal charge is currently pending against you, now is the time to seek a full understanding of your defense options. Rather than simply pleading guilty, you have the right to confront these charges and seek the most beneficial outcome for your situation.

What Is Considered Careless Driving in Colorado?

As many drivers in Colorado are busy going from work to errand to meeting, it can be easy to feel rushed. Your cell phone may look tempting as you can't help but check just one more text message or phone call. However, you get end up getting distracted and swerve a little to avoid the curb. You hit it a little and your car rolls over it. A police officer sees this and pulls you over. The officer has charged you with careless driving.

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