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September 2019 Archives

Halloween is coming fast, set custody plans now

Child custody around the holidays is difficult. With Halloween coming up soon, now is the time to determine what's going to happen for all the fall and winter ones. If you have a parenting time schedule set already, this information is likely in there so you can review it to see when your children will be with you. If you don't have one set, you should start the discussions with your ex as soon as possible.

Prenuptial agreements are important even for young people

Many young people might believe that they don't need a prenuptial agreement. This is an incorrect belief and that can lead to trouble later in life. There are several reasons why you should have a prenup even if you don't have many assets now.

Your finances changed, but can your support order change, too?

Your divorce is final, but it may surprise you how much that choice is still affecting many areas of your life. You probably had to make financial adjustments, get used to new parenting schedules and much more. However, the changes you may experience don't stop once things are final and you feel settled. You may find that your financial circumstances and ability to pay child support are no longer what they used to be.

Types of domestic violence and your options

Domestic violence is a serious problem, but it is one that goes far beyond the physical abuse that some people associate with it. This situation impacts the adults, as well as children who are in the home. The children are watching what's going on and might think that the behavior is normal. They might not have a model for a healthy relationship.

Child custody: Some things don't change after divorce

Parents who are going through a divorce might not realize just how much life will stay the same when they are split up. It is true that they will live in separate homes, but this doesn't mean that they aren't going to have to communicate and work together. They will still need to remain a parenting team as they raise the children.

Will your complex assets need valuations during your divorce?

Over the years, you and your spouse may have acquired various assets that you believe hold significant value. During your marriage, you may have simply appreciated the aesthetic these brought to your household decor or the income you earned from a business, but now that you are getting a divorce, you may worry about how your property will be divided.

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