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August 2019 Archives

Tips for young people going through divorce

You got married with the expectation that your union was going to last forever. It can be difficult to realize that you can't work out your issues with your spouse, the marriage is over and you are going to be single again. When you figure out that there is no hope, however, it is time for you to emotionally and financially protect yourself.

Grandparents may help your kids during your divorce

Your children need stability when you are going through a divorce. This isn't an easy time for them, so you will need to find ways to help them through it. One thing that you might do is encourage them to spend time with their grandparents if they live close to you.

The emotional impact of divorce on Colorado fathers

Divorce will have a significant financial impact on every member of the family, including the father. Men experience the same complex emotions as others do when they are facing life change, whether they expected it or not. In fact, many men are caught off guard by their spouses' decision to divorce, which is very difficult.

Tips for bringing up the end of your marriage

Once you decide that you can't remain in your marriage, you will have to break the news to your spouse. This isn't going to be an easy conversation, but you can take steps to tone down the impact that it has on the nature of the divorce. You shouldn't ever bring up the divorce up in the heat of an argument. This is a conversation that is best handled when both parties are calm, and it should be done in private.

Uncooperative co-parents can make things difficult

A successful co-parenting relationship requires both adults to work together throughout the process of rearing the children. While this might work for some people, it won't work for others if one party decides to stop cooperating with the other. This is problematic and can ruin the relationship. It also puts the children in a difficult spot.

When might I be able to seek a maintenance adjustment?

As part of your divorce decree, the court either awarded you or ordered you to pay spousal maintenance. Courts do not grant alimony in every divorce case, so your familial and financial circumstances played a major role in your order. Things have changed since the court issued the order, and now you are wondering if you can seek a maintenance adjustment. Thankfully, yes, the state of Colorado does allow for such post-decree modifications.

Bullying doesn't have a place in a marriage

Many things can lead to the end of a relationship. One of these is having an abusive spouse. In some cases, there might not be any physical abuse. However, emotional abuse and bullying can be just as tough to endure. In fact, some people have said they would have preferred to be physically rather than mentally abused.

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