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January 2019 Archives

Focus on stress reduction during your parenting time

When you have a parenting time schedule, the time you have with your children is precious. You need to remember that this is the time to make memories with them, but this doesn't necessarily mean that you need to go out on extravagant trips or always have somewhere to go. Instead, you might be able to enjoy them while you spend together at home watching movies or playing games.

Tips to introduce a new partner to your children

It happens for most people after a divorce. You go on a few dating apps, have a couple of dates and you finally met someone you genuinely like. It's the first time after your divorce you have connected strongly with someone. But what will my kids think about this?

Mediation or trial? Which is best for your divorce?

Divorces are not always the bitter, contentious battles you may see in movies or on TV. More couples are trending toward amicable methods of ending their marriages and disentangling their property. When children are involved, this often allows parents to maintain some civility and open communication that is critical to co-parenting, and those may be lost in the high emotion of a trial.

Use care when handling emotions and practical divorce decisions

Many people tend to focus on the monetary impacts of divorce, such as the property division process. What these individuals might not realize is that they have to think about the emotional aspects of their divorce so that they can address those head-on.

Support payments are part of many divorces

When you have stayed home to raise your children, finding out that your spouse wants a divorce can be frightening because you might not have the means to support yourself financially. If the children will be living with you, thinking about the cost to raise them is probably on your mind. We know that these are valid concerns, and we might have an answer for you.

Child custody tips for single parents in Colorado

Although you never married your children's other parent, it doesn't mean you are guaranteed to have physical custody of your kids if you and your partner decide to end your relationship. If he or she petitions the court for custody, you may have your work cut out to prove that living with you would be in your children's best interests as opposed to living with your ex.  

4 tips for helping you resolve child custody issues

When you and your co-parent can't come an immediate agreement on specific matters, the situation might turn into a conflict. Finding ways to overcome the conflicts that crop up can provide your children with a positive example of civil conflict resolution and strengthen your parenting relationship with your ex.

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