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December 2018 Archives

Think clearly about property division options and effects

When your marriage is ending, you have to divide the property that you amassed during the union. This is a complex undertaking, especially if you have many high-value assets. Taking things slowly can help you to make sure that you are making the decisions that will be best for you. We know that it can be difficult to sort all this out, but you shouldn't let yourself become overwhelmed.

Can more parenting time lower child support payments?

When you decided to divorce, you were fully prepared to pay child support. Not only did you expect it, you welcomed it because you love your children and want to help financially provide for their needs. Like most good parents in Colorado, you have your kids' best interests in mind. Just because you wanted out of a marriage doesn't mean you were planning to negate your parenting obligations.

Start 2019 off with a positive parenting attitude

This is the time for parents who are divorced to make decisions about how things will go during the upcoming year. Even if co-parenting has been a bit rocky up to this point, you can make the choice to turn things around so that you can have a positive new year.

Major life decisions come during divorce

As you are going through your divorce, you are going to have to figure out how you can rework your life. This might mean finding new hobbies, determining how to make your schedule work with your parenting plan and similar points. The good thing to remember here is that you can adjust and change as the situation warrants. Sometimes, small fixes here and there can make a huge difference.

Is your spouse hiding assets to try to beat the system?

Any number of issues may have led to your divorce. Like most Colorado married couples, you and your spouse probably went through good times and bad times throughout the years of your marriage. Regardless of what you consider to have been the final straw in determining that your relationship was no longer sustainable, the main focus now is to achieve a fair and agreeable settlement, so that you and your children (if you have any) are prepared to adapt to a new lifestyle.  

Factors the court might consider in child custody cases

Going to court to have a judge determine with whom the children will live can be an anxiety-producing experience. There are many factors that judges consider in custody matters. One is the living arrangements the children will have with each parent, but this doesn't mean that the court will automatically side with the parent who has the bigger house.

Emotions and legal matters intersect during divorce

It is all too easy to be consumed by the stress of divorce if you aren't paying close attention to your mental health. This is sometimes difficult to do because of the roller coaster of emotions that can come with this situation. Trying to stay ahead of them might be impossible because you may not be able to accurately determine when certain emotions will come up.

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