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September 2018 Archives

Social media posts may be misconstrued during a divorce

Many people use social media these days. Whether you use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat or one of the many other sites, you need to be careful about what you say if you are going through a divorce. Divorce lawyers might find information and use it against you during the legal proceedings.

Smoothing your financial wrinkles before divorce

No matter how well you and your spouse are managing the preparations for your divorce, it is wise not to expect that you will resolve every issue without a grumble. Your divorce may not be contentious, but there are common elements of a marriage breakup that lend themselves to disputes, especially when the couple has substantial assets to divide.

Holiday activities might require changes in parenting time plans

The winter holiday season isn't that far off. Even though you might not want to think about right now, you may need to if there are issues about the holiday parenting schedule that need to be hashed out before Thanksgiving break. For many parents, there is a standard schedule that the child follows during these festive times.

Premarital agreements aren't only for the wealthy

Prenuptial agreements set forth protections during your marriage that can help you to start your new life on the right foot if you end up going through a divorce. Some people think that only the wealthy need these agreements. This isn't the case. Many people, including those who have average wealth, can benefit from a prenuptial agreement.

Tips for Colorado parents when talking to kids about divorce

If you're one of many Colorado parents who recently made a decision to file for divorce, you may also be one of many who are worried about how their children will react to the news. It's quite likely that your kids have a friend (or several) with divorced parents. That doesn't necessarily mean it will make it any easier for your children to cope with your family's situation; however, knowing that they have peers who can relate to their emotions can be a great comfort as you help your children move on in life.  

Help your kids feel at home in your house

One of the biggest adjustments that children have to make during a divorce is learning how to live in two homes. Both parents are going to have to take steps to ensure that the kids feel comfortable in both houses. This can take some work, especially for the parent who moved out of the marital home. Finding a way to help them can be challenging but rewarding.

Accusations of domestic violence can make custody difficult

A child custody case that involves accusations of domestic violence is a trying situation for both parents. The parent who is making the claims against the other parent might be fighting to stop the alleged abuser from having time alone with the children. The alleged abuser might not ever have laid a hand on the children and might not have any intention of abusing the children. They might just want to move on with life and raise their children.

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