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August 2018 Archives

Bird nesting could be a viable temporary custody arrangement

The time between the announcement of the divorce and the date it becomes final can vary widely among Colorado couples. Even when the parties are amicable and work out their own settlement, it could take at least 90 days before the court considers the divorce final.

Parenting plans must consider children's needs and schedules

The parenting plan that you set for your children as you work out child custody during your divorce can be as detailed as you feel it needs to be. At a minimum, it needs to cover the schedule that you will use to know which parent has the children when. It should also include information about who is going to make decisions in specific areas for the children.

Support payments are included in many divorce cases

Thinking about the money when you are divorcing isn't always easy. You have to consider what the court might say about support payments. There are two types that you might encounter. One is child support and the other is spousal support.

You may relate to one or more issues that often lead to divorce

Chances are that several of your Colorado neighbors are married. If you were to talk to them about their relationships in comparison to your own, you'd likely determine that no two marriages are exactly the same. However, you'd also probably find that one or more of the people you speak with can relate to one another because of shared experiences or similar issues in their relationships.

Protect your finances and privacy during divorce

Going through a divorce is a stressful time. People cope with this in different ways, but you must make sure that what you're doing is in your best interests. This isn't always easy to do since you are likely emotionally raw. One area that you should be sure you think about is your finances.

Back to school might mean child custody changes are necessary

There are many things that parents have to deal with when back-to-school season starts. Buying school supplies, figuring out schedules and handling the kids' anxiety jitters are some of these. When you and your child's other parent are divorced, there can be additional complexities added to an already stressful situation.

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