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July 2018 Archives

Special needs children and divorce: A challenging intersection

Parenting a special needs child isn't easy, even in the best of circumstances. The scope of the child's needs can directly impact the difficulty of the parenting situation. For parents who are going through a divorce, making plans for child custody of a special needs child can be a real challenge.

Fathers who divorce will want to keep these things in mind

Many Colorado fathers will be among those throughout the nation who divorce this year. Whether a dad has one child or several, when a marriage ends, it impacts everyone in the family, especially the kids. If you're one of these Colorado fathers, you'll be glad to know there are strong support systems already in place to help families like yours cope with divorce and move on in life in as healthy a manner as possible.  

Unmarried parents still need to work out custody details

When people think of child custody, they might automatically think about married parents who are going through a divorce. While that is one situation in these cases, another is that two parents who weren't married split up. This still requires that they have a custody plan for the kids in place.

Kids take their cues from parents in divorce

Parenthood involves tremendous amounts of responsibility and obligation; yet, many Colorado parents and others still say it is one of the most rewarding experiences of their lives. Certain situations may challenge you more than others, such as navigating your children's toddler years or, perhaps even more, their lives as teenagers. If, at some point, you divorce, you may feel like you're dealing with a thousand different emotions at once.  

How is child custody handled in a military divorce?

Choosing to serve in the Armed Forces was not a decision that you made lightly. Like most other Colorado service members, you probably took the time to consider a range of factors before enlisting. The same might be true for other areas of your life -- including your upcoming divorce. 

What are some considerations in a gray divorce?

People who are older might think that the marriage they've been in for decades is going to last forever. Sadly, some people find that this isn't the case. When a person who is older than 50 gets a divorce, it is known as a gray divorce. In these cases, there are some specific considerations that they need to think about at the end of the marriage.

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