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April 2018 Archives

Child custody for teenagers should be flexible

Child custody cases have to take the child's age and maturity level into account. When you are dealing with a teenager, you likely need to have a more flexible agreement. Many teens are socially active, have school events and may have extracurricular activities. These don't always work with a rigid schedule.

What prompts the court to order supervised child visitation?

When you get divorced, you and your spouse are able to negotiate terms regarding child custody and visitation although you'll need to seek the court's approval of any plan you devise. Once the court finalizes your divorce, all parties must adhere to an existing court order unless and until such time that the court might deem it appropriate to modify its orders. 

Addressing domestic violence accusations is often complex

Family law cases that involve accusations of domestic violence often bring two court systems together. On the family law side, you might have a divorce and child custody cases. On the criminal law side, you might have criminal charges for the accusations.

You don't have to be stuck in an abusive relationship

Being in an abusive relationship can feel like you are stuck. You might not think that you can leave. In fact, many victims of abuse can think of almost endless reasons why they have to stay put. The fact that you realize you are in an abusive relationship is one of the most important steps that you can take toward getting out of it.

Do's and don'ts of helping kids through divorce

Just before telling your children you were planning to divorce, you may have worried over finding the right words. You understood from the start that the news would likely take them by surprise and wanted to make sure you told them what they needed to know without giving them more information than they might be able to bear, emotionally speaking. You probably felt somewhat relieved after you shared the news.  

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