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December 2016 Archives

Think carefully about how you work out child custody plans

We recently discussed some of the issues that come up for child and spousal support. While many people think that child support and child custody go hand-in-hand, that is somewhat of a misconception. While child custody and child support are both important, being able to see your child's doesn't depend on whether you pay child support. We aren't saying that you shouldn't pay, but we are noting that you can still spend time with your child even if you aren't able to pay.

Addiction can impact parental rights

Most people know or at least suspect when someone close has an addiction. Maybe your spouse's addiction was the main reason your marriage ended. Raising children with a drug addict or alcoholic can be frustrating and frightening because mind-altering substances can make a person undependable or even dangerous.

Cut ties to your ex faster with a lump sum payment

Now that you and your ex are a thing of the past, you might be ready to be done with having to deal with your ex. This is completely understandable, but if you have children together, it isn't likely possible. If you don't have children together but you will have to pay alimony, you might be able to cut ties to your ex faster if you pay alimony in a lump sum payment.

Financial obligations to your ex must be met

When you file for a divorce from your ex, you are probably ready to be completely done with that person. Having to pay alimony or child support can mean that you still have to deal with your ex. Even though that isn't an ideal situation, you still need to brace yourself for that possibility.

Make a plan when leaving an abusive relationship

Trying to leave an abuse relationship is difficult in even the best of circumstances; however, having to provide for your children and keep them safe as you flee isn't always easy. If you find yourself in a situation where you have to leave an abusive relationship, there are some steps you should take to increase the likelihood that you and your children will remain safe.

Domestic violence is much more than physical abuse

The holidays are time of joyful festivities for many people; however, for people who are in abusive relationships, this season can be especially difficult. Some who are in an abusive relationship might chalk their partner's behavior up to any number of external sources. The fact is that when there are signs of abuse, it is usually best for the person being abused to start making plans to leave — even if that seems difficult.

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