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November 2016 Archives

Ensure you know your options during a divorce

The end of a marriage is an emotional time, even if you knew it was coming or were the one who filed for the divorce. We understand how easy it is to get swept up into your emotions during this time. Even though that is likely, it is still necessary for you to keep a level head throughout the process. We can help you learn about the options that you have so that you can determine what you want to do at each step of the divorce.

Children of Divorce: The High Income Impact

Two years ago, a study conducted by the University of Chicago and Georgetown University revealed a surprising conclusion. Children of high-income couples are detrimentally affected by divorce more than those of lower income brackets. The initial reaction to this was the assumption that the economic impact was the chief culprit. Divorce can easily damage a custodial parent's financial situation. Though this change may have some effects, it is clearly not the core reason.

Does a Prenup Always Hold Up in a Divorce?

You had considerable assets prior to marriage so a prenuptial agreement made good sense. If you're now planning to divorce, you might think that a prenuptial agreement means splitting up is smooth sailing as far as those assets are concerned. However, depending on certain circumstances, such a premarital agreement may be invalidated if your spouse and his or her attorney choose to contest it. Since each prenuptial agreement is unique, the validity of your document depends on various factors.

Your attitude and actions matter during divorce

Going through a divorce is a journey that requires patience and careful consideration. You can't let anger or hurt get the best of you because your actions and your attitude can have an impact on the divorce. Knowing some of the basic things to do and avoid can likely help you immensely during this time.

Child support modification tips for paying parents

Paying child support isn't on many people's list of favorite things to do. For the parents who pay child support, there are sometimes situations that come up that would require them to seek a modification to the child support order. If you find yourself in this position, take these tips into account:

Know your options for all family law cases

Family law issues are often very personal issues because they involve the people whom you love. No matter what type of family law issue you are facing, we are here to help you learn about the options that you have for dealing with the issue. You may even have options that you aren't aware of.

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