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July 2016 Archives

Walking away from an abusive spouse takes planning

If you have a spouse who is abusive, you have probably thought about running away just so you don't have to deal with the abuse any longer. When you think about leaving, you might start to get worried about how your spouse will react to you making that choice. The sad fact is that many abusive spouses will react in a violent manner if they know their victim is going to stand up and leave them. If you are planning on leaving an abusive spouse, you must make your plans carefully so that you can try to remain as safe as possible.

What if my child has special needs?

When you're divorcing with children, issues like child custody and the visitation schedule take center stage. However, if you have a child with special needs, there may need to be even more care taken than usual to ensure that these decisions are being made in the best interests of the child.

Special vacation considerations for divorced parents

If you're planning on taking a vacation with your children over summer break, there's much more to consider than destination and mode of transportation. When you're divorced, there are parenting time schedules, court orders and advance notice to deal with.

Determining child support

One of the most common question divorcing parents have is how will the child support amount be determined? In almost every situation, the main factor is the income of the two parents. Both parents income will be verified using financial documents, such as W-2s, tax returns and bank statement if necessary, and then the overall amount of support is determined.

Modifying Child Custody Orders When One Parent Is Moving

When custody for your child was initially determined and established by the courts, it reflected your then-current situation. It is not unusual for things to change over time, however. One common question that arises is whether a custody order can be amended when one parent has a job opportunity that will take them out of their current geographic area permanently. Legally, this is referred to as a "relocation" or "removal" situation.

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