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May 2016 Archives

New law cuts ties between child support and benefits

In general, any custodial parent in Colorado must go through the child support application and enforcement process if he or she wishes to apply for government assistance or benefits. This means that a single mother trying to get food stamps or child care assistance is forced to name the father and facilitate the state's attempt at putting in a court order for child support and enforcing that order.

Real estate valuation is key in many property division issues

One of the more common questions that occurs when a couple divorces revolves around who is going to keep the marital home. For some couples, that is only one piece of real estate that has to be considered. We know that you worked hard to purchase the real estate you and your ex own. We will work hard to get you a property division settlement that provides you with a good settlement so you can start your new life.

Can grandparents get visitation?

When most people think of child custody issues, they think of two biological parents going through the family court system to decide who will have custody and what the parenting time schedule will look like. However, child custody cases can take many forms, including those between parents who were never married, adoptive parents and even grandparents.

Parental Alienation: Impact In Child Custody Disputes

As a Colorado parent in a divorce or custody battle, you may have engaged in parental alienation without even realizing it. That is because there are varying degrees of parental alienation. You may be wondering, what exactly is parental alienation? According to Psychology Today, parental alienation is, "a set of strategies that parents use to undermine and interfere with a child's relationship with his or her other parent." Just how intentional or often this behavior is occurring can affect the severity of parental alienation.

Plan properly for child support to avoid payment challenges

Paying child support for your child's needs is one of the responsibilities that the court gives to some parents. It is crucial that you ensure these payments are made on time because your child can suffer if you don't make the payments on time. Additionally, there is a chance that you will face legal action if you don't pay child support as ordered by the court. There are several different ways that you can ensure you are able to pay the payments properly.

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