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$1.2 Million in child support sought by Allen Iverson's ex-wife

The ex-wife of a former NBA player wants 13 years' worth of child support and the total amount is staggering - $1.2 million. Allen Iverson was a former guard for the Philadelphia 76ers. The couple divorced in 2010 and have been in court many times since then over child support.

In June, a judge was harsh in his criticism of the basketball player, saying that he had no idea how to manage his own kids. This was after he allegedly left his children alone in a hotel room with men who the children the mother didn't know. In addition, the judge said Iverson had "been a hindrance to their spiritual and emotional growth and development."

Iverson was given visitation, but there was a long list of conditions that he had to adhere to in order to see his five children. Those conditions included attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings for a year, no alcohol for a next 18 months and not consuming any alcohol within a 24-hour period before his visitation until his children reach adulthood. His youngest child won't reach adulthood until 2026. He was also ordered to visit with a psychiatrist.

Those conditions are still in effect and so is the court-ordered $8,000 a month child support from January. In June, his ex-wife wanted the court to make him pay that or have him tossed in jail. Now, though, she wants $1.2 million put in a trust for his kids or have him put in jail. The court has not ruled on that filing as of yet.

Many parents who are owed child support don't receive it as they should. There are legal avenues available. A family law attorney can help, but many states have now made it easier for those with child support orders because wages can be garnished and those owing back child support can have their federal tax returns intercepted.

Source:, "Allen Iverson's Ex-Wife Wants $1.2 Million Worth Of Child Support" No author given, Aug. 31, 2013

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