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Judge restricts former Denver Nuggets star's visitation with kids

Any time a family goes through a divorce and children are involved, the family court judge will always side on what he or she considers to be in the best interest of the children when determining child custody and visitation issues. This is no different when it involves a famous NBA player once thought to be the best player in the league. According to media reports, the judge overseeing Allen Iverson's divorce and child custody agreement thinks the basketball star really needs to work on his parenting skills.

The couples contentious high-asset divorce was tabloid fodder for months but it has finally been resolved. Iverson's now ex-wife Tawanna received legal and physical custody of the couple's five children as well as child support, of course. In the ruling, the judge had some rather harsh words for Iverson in regards to his parenting skills and set a number of restrictions on his scheduled visitation with his children. Apparently the reasons behind the restrictions are related to his purported alcohol problem.

In order for Iverson to be allowed visitation with his children he must meet certain conditions, including not drinking alcohol for the next year and half. He must also refrain from using alcohol within 24 hours of having visitation with his kids, and this restriction continues until the kids are 18-years of age. He has also been required to attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and see a psychologist.

When parents decide to divorce the children are often caught in the middle as the parents work through their differences. One parent may claim the other parent is unfit in an effort to gain the upper hand in a custody dispute, but family court judges know what to look for in such cases. It can be incredibly important for a parent to ensure his or her parental rights are protected throughout the divorce process and an experienced family law attorney can help a client work toward a positive outcome.

Source: Colorado's KWGN 2, "Judge rips Iverson, calls former Nugget 'hindrance' to his children," Will C. Holden, Feb. 4, 2013

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