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Modern Family star Ariel Winter removed from mother's home

With a hearing pending, one child star finds herself in the middle of a family struggle that is splashed on media sites all over the nation. Colorado residents may have heard of Ariel Winter, the younger of two sisters on the hit show Modern Family. While her work life continues to cause joy and laughter for people all across the nation, her home life is doing just the opposite.

Child custody battles are rarely pleasant, but they can sometimes come from a place that's even more unpleasant. This 14-year-old actor was recently removed from her mother's home due to allegations of both physical and emotional abuse, and she is now reportedly being sought after for custody rights by her older sister. The family has put out a few statements, confusing and conflicting when all are put side by side.

Winter's brother, 32, has stated that the allegations are not from a place of truth and that their mother didn't do what she is accused of. Conversely, Winter's sister, 33, is going for complete and permanent custody of her younger sibling as well as sole guardianship. She cites the pay that Winter receives from the show as another reason for her push for custody of her younger sister, explaining that her mother is who receives the checks now. The issue is to be decided upon at a hearing come next week and until then, Ariel is reported to be staying with her sister; her mother has been mandated to stay away.

Child custody disputes can come about for many different reasons. If a Colorado parent or sibling is seeking custody due to an issue like abuse, working with an experienced attorney could help them in their case. Understanding the laws surrounding guardianship can help with the process as well. Whatever the case may be, keeping the child's best interests and safety in mind can help to get them into a better situation.

Source:, "Inside Modern Family star Ariel Winter's family drama: a who's-who guide," Alexis L. Loinaz, Nov. 8, 2012

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