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Ways to stay connected to the kids when school starts

When kids see "back to school" signs at the store, some can't wait to get their hands on fresh pencils and Trapper Keepers, while others might get a sinking feeling in their gut. In either case, starting a new school year can be challenging, and it can be especially so for children of couples who have gone through a divorce recently.

That can be a lot of change for the kids to handle at once, so that makes it important to try to make it easy on them. Here are a few things parents can do to not only help out the kids, but perhaps their relationships with the children as well.

• Show an interest in their school activities. If kids participate in sports, school plays or musical groups, they would probably appreciate it if you show up for games, performances and concerts, even if they do not say so. Showing that you care about what they do also shows that you care about them. Helping with their homework can be good, too.

• Communicate effectively, the way want to. The new generation is more likely to want to text or Skype than have long conversations on the phone or write letters if you live apart. It can help to be open to communicating the way they are used to communicating.

• Don't be quick to place blame on the kids. If you seem to be having trouble in your relationship with your kids, it may be beneficial to ask why. Could it have something to do with either parent? It doesn't help to simply assume that the child is to blame. And, of course, talking to them about any issues is helpful as well.

Source: Huffington Post, "Don't let divorce destroy the relationship with your kids," Deborah Moskovitch, Sept. 6, 2012

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