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Domestic Violence Archives

The effects of domestic violence on children are considerable

Domestic violence has a negative impact on both parties involved. The alleged abuser and the victim aren't the only two people who are impacted by these events. The children who are in the picture will also have some impacts. We know that this is something that parents might have trouble dealing with.

Spousal abuse is something that requires action and reaction

Domestic violence is something that is very challenging for everyone involved. For the victim, dealing with the effects of injuries, be they emotional or physical, is difficult. For the person accused of domestic violence, the criminal charges and family effects can be devastating.

Domestic violence cases impact entire families

Domestic violence impacts entire families. These situations are difficult for the adults and the children involved. Typically, trying to get these cases resolved as quickly as possible is beneficial to all parties involved. We know that being involved in a domestic violence case is difficult. These cases often involve intimate details that you would rather have been kept private.

Battered women's syndrome makes leaving tough

Battered women's syndrome is a serious issue for many women who have been victims of domestic violence. These women often think they are helpless and they have no hope of standing on their own two feet. This is something that make it very difficult for them to leave their abuser and get the help they need.

Make a safety plan when leaving an abusive relationship

In our previous blog post, we discussed the case of the woman who was burned by an ex. She is seeking protection from him, but this case brings up the important point of making sure that when people leave an abusive relationship that they have a plan in place for safety. We understand that leaving your relationship is likely something that you have thought about a lot. Most people don't walk away from a long-term relationship on a whim.

Woman burned begs court for protection

Domestic violence is a serious issue that should always receive the attention it deserves. Victims of domestic violence sometimes find themselves having to explain why they need to be protected from their attacker. A woman who was allegedly burned in an attack initiated by her estranged husband has turned to the court to get protection from him.

Potential abuses of the domestic violence law in family law cases

Some people make accusations of domestic abuse in an attempt to gain an advantage in divorce and custody matters. Doing so diminishes the plight of those who actually suffer from domestic violence and puts you in a precarious position legally.

Make a plan when leaving an abusive relationship

Trying to leave an abuse relationship is difficult in even the best of circumstances; however, having to provide for your children and keep them safe as you flee isn't always easy. If you find yourself in a situation where you have to leave an abusive relationship, there are some steps you should take to increase the likelihood that you and your children will remain safe.

Domestic violence is much more than physical abuse

The holidays are time of joyful festivities for many people; however, for people who are in abusive relationships, this season can be especially difficult. Some who are in an abusive relationship might chalk their partner's behavior up to any number of external sources. The fact is that when there are signs of abuse, it is usually best for the person being abused to start making plans to leave — even if that seems difficult.

Can recordings be used in court?

Domestic violence cases are notorious for being he-said-she-said situations. Both victims and those falsely accused may wonder if recording phone conversations or in-person interactions could help their cases. However, recording or videotaping someone without their consent can actually lead to criminal penalties in the state of Colorado, so it's important to be aware of the laws and limitations.

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